I want a bass heavy headphone

My Denon 2k’s are getting a little old.

I don’t necessarily love closed headphones, but for movie watching I love to have something that can go deep and have some authority.

What would you suggest?

Running through my Media PC, into a fiio bluetooth thinggy, into a sp200.

Hhhhmmmm in the realm of bass cannons that come to mind are audioquest nighthawk carbons, meze 99s, fostex 600 series, campfire audio cascade. These are all under $1k. The fostex will probably sound close to your denons.
Another thought is if the Lawton mods fit your Denon you could change the sound that way as well.

i’d keep an eye out on amazon used, I just bought an open box Denon 7200 around 450$ (like new) , its a little scary but its a great way to get a solid deal and still have some warranty.

Other options as suggested are Fostex and Meze, but i’d also throw in something like Focal Elegia and Harmonicdyne Zeus.

Focal Elegia arent as bass heavy as some but what it like it amount it has in the energy of the bass, and slam, overall its a fairly energetic headphone that makes things very punchy.

Harmonicdyne Zeus are a smooth very enjoyable set of open back, great sound stage with a respectable amount bass. best way i can describe it is think of a giant chocolate eclair very rich, very sweet and a little fluffy


Any headphones that sound like a 2.1 6in bookshelf or 7.1.4 hometheater for around $200 or how much would i have spend to get that sound?

Big sound stage and base isn’t easy to get for $200 but if you don’t have high expectations for bass a hifi 400se would be closest thing to speaker like.

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Thanks ill add to the cart. They will go through an SMSL C200 DAC/AMP if that helps. Should get a seperate amp ?

Only if you want too. Looks like there’s at least 1W from that unit.

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Okey cool ! Want to play with balanced too. XLR connections look horsepower. Lol
The dac sounds great on my appleTV. Bought yamaha $100 headphones from Zs suggestion. Let down on the sound but eyes opened on some tracks. I now understand why headphones are addicting.

Grab a 4.4 cable and you’ll be G2G for balanced at the headphone. Now if you’re looking for a completely balanced amp you’d be looking at the A90 or singxer. Then you’d get 1/4" TRS to xlr cables to use the existing DAC.

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Hifiman R9

Sure they dont have the resolution I would expect at 600usd but at the reduced price of 370usd its quite a easy rec esp if you are looking into bass heavy with wide soundstage and clear vocals.


When looking at headphones for bass is the advertised frequency response a good guide for making a purchase ?

I don’t think so. I would much more prefer a reliable review, or even look on forums. Advertised frequency response are not good at all. It is really difficult to know how a headphone sound with that.

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Interesting, there any examples of headphones that are considered bass headphones that match up with advertised frequency response ? Im learning headphones and window shopping for gear is my fav passtime…

Would use them to pick some model and than find user reviews, best with some music examples but if you are searching for bass punch scratch fr graphs

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At that price i would get a fostex T20/40/50 RP MK3 and then mod it.


Check out the Kennerton Gjallarhorn JM Mod Mk2. I just picked up a set and the bass is pretty special on them. Make sure it’s the JM modded verisons- the bass is pretty special, reminds me almost of the XE6 iem, but way less boomy. It’s a horn driver to replicate speakers, and I’m unsure if it does that, but it’s def special. Focal Radiance is another one with good bass, but doesn’t hit THAT hard. If you want to move up , my fave is prob the Meze Empyrean. The bass on those things is amazing (and honestly, so is everything else for my tastes).

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I would give these a try.

Here is Zeos review.

(they come in black too, so don’t worry about the color being too much wood)
I watched the sound demo and these had the bass. they seem like a good choice for bass heads.

This is another one worth looking at too. Not quite as bass heavy, but still great headphones.

They are the same price.

You didn’t list a price limit, so i’m just putting things in that are 200 or below.

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Had my eye on the sivga because of the wood, fancy but at an entry price :+1:.

At what frequency does sub-bass become not audible all my subs are cheap and dont go below 30hz. Can heaphones go below 20hz and how much you have to pay for that ?

Only watched a couple DMS vids not up to speed with headphone measurement.

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There’s a couple of headphones that claim they can do ULF but really don’t bet on the feeling of authority you would get from a sub. I have a couple that handle sub base really well, LCDX and Liric. But even if I played a 20hz tone idk if I would actually hear it.
You could use a sub with open back headphones to help with the sound and feeling.

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The SV 021 is nice, the looks are defiantly top notch but they fell out of favor for me personally, they have a lot of bass but its not all the good kind, it gets bloated and kinda muddy, not all the time but enough time for me to move away for it.

P.S if you do get them you’ll probably have to bend them slightly since there is no horizontal adjustment

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