I want to get myself a pair of planar headphones and possibly a closed back maybe both

I already own a pair of dt 990 and hd 58x. I love my bass and mids. I listen to a lot of hip hop, indie rock, alternative and anti folk.
I want to get a pair that has meaty bass and I hear planar head[phones are best for that. the headphones I was considering were the m560 and he 4xx or save up for a t60rp but I cant personally listen to any odf them and I don’t know which to go for.
my DAC/amp setup is a topping d10 and a liquid spark

Based on all reviews (but mainly Z, DMS, Metal and Josh), i would recommend either Modhouse Argons Mk3 or T60rp for a planar closedback (semi) within around USD 300 - 500 range. I believe your liquid spark will power them just fine.

Is there any reason in particular you’re only considering closed backs?

I already have a couple of open backs and I want a headphone to blast my ears with bass as I currently lack a set of proper bass cans. I am considering open options too I just also want a pair of closed backs

The Focal Elear is on Amazon for $470. They aren’t planars but the bass performance is the best part of those headphones. The biggest criticism of them is how some of the upper mids lack presence. I ended up returning mine to get the Elex because I wanted a more balanced sound signature.

If you want a great closed planars I recommend the Audeze EL8Cs
They sound and look great and if you treat them right the build is just fine

They can be had for around $300 in the used market

And if you’re ok with open and want something cheaper the HE4XXs are perfect for you

The only thing that I’m going to tell you is
Don’t get near Fostex T50RPs or any of it’s mods (ModHouse Argons for example) the driver design is flawed and there’s nothing that can be done that fixes the issue completely

what is flawed about them? you are the first person to tell me that theirs something bad about them?

They can’t do Subbass
The 30hz sine wave measurement is very unnatural
The driver is slow and never settles showing that it’s not properly dampened (look at the impulse response)
The bass distortion at 90db is massive and at 100db it rattles so much that it’s unusable
The highs are either super shrill stock or veiled in mods

Trust me I own a pair and have tried all the mods

If you haven’t heard anything better than HD598s they’re fun but compared to true Audiophile headphones they’re a joke

ah ok thanks. I own 58x and a pair of dt 990