I want to know about an upgrade from LCD-2 Classic

I want to have some recommendation for my next headphone buy.
I already own the LCD-2 Classic and I like them alot, but I want to know what would be the next step?.

Next step in the same vein/an LCD-2C just better? Or are you lookin for something to compliment it? Also, what does your source chain look like?


Probably something better, if it is easy perceptible would be great. Also, I think that some headphone to compliment is a good idea too.

About my source chain I have:

  • DAC S.M.S.L SU-8

  • Amps THX 789 and Beyerdynamic A20

  • Headphones: LCD-2C, Focal Elegia, Sennheiser HD 600

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Bump to this thread because while I cant answer I’m really curious about what other say.

You don’t have bad headphones.
What comes to mind spontaneously would be a Fostex Tr 610 or Emu Teak.
Also the Dac / amp would still be expandable
like Questyle cma 400i or a Singxer sda2 C,Rme Adi 2 fs2.

Or Dentafrips Ares 2 with a Violectric would also not be wrong.


Thanks, I will check it out. What about something like STAX SRS-3100?

It’s a bit hard to give a recommendation if you don’t mention what sound you like and what you like/dislike about the lcd2 classic. That being said, based on the headphones you currently have, a fostex or denon or emu teak would be pretty different than what you currently have.


If you want another planar: Hickman Arya
As for my dynamic recommendation: ZMF Auteur