I was wondering if I should apply for my headphone guy card

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You’re pre-approved to apply

At least your Beyer Frequent Buyers Club card …

Frequent Beyer Miles.

What are the ones with the rectangular cups?

Those are DT200 or DT250. One or the other. They’re really made for studio recording, like for drummers to wear, or live sound engineers. They are very good at noise isolation though they are fully passive. They have a strong bass response to them also.

My first pair of legitimate headphones were Beyer DT770 Pros, but after 20 years they quit working, so I just keep on buying Beyerdynanic stuff.

January 16th:
Sorry, they’re the DT150 not 250. If you ever watch Simon Phillips play drums in the recording studio, he always has his DT100’s on. I couldn’t find DT100 at the time but I think these are readily available. They are 250ohm. I’m listening to them as I write this, & it’s very pleasing.
Epic Score Winterking. I’ve not had much burn in on these & haven’t listened to them that much. What is amazing me is that they have some nice soundstage but they are full on closed backs. The isolation from outside noise is very good.

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Only 1 more pair of Beyerdynamic headphones to buy, T1 Gen3. I don’t know if there is a gen4.

Next is 2 or 3 Sennheiser & maybe an AKG or 2.

On another note, I’ll be getting into experimental combos in the not too distant future, like using an Xduoo TA26 as a preamp into an Xduoo TA 26 with an Xduoo MT603 also in the chain.