I will need to do some research on your earbuds and buds in general

I will do some research. I am interested. 100+ Euros plus shipping to the States and my past failures with buds not working for me means I need to be sure about my purchase. Do you have a link to a fr graph of the GAS 3? Thanks

The problem with graphing buds is that it’s kinda dubious and not a lot of people do it. Recs on buds are usually better done by factoring opinions of owners, which is its own kind of difficult. Where are you located, in the US?


As @Sonofholhorse mentioned, graphs are unfortunately not reliable at all when it comes to buds and most people simply buy from recs of others.


Thanks for the advice.

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But well, here is what I wrote:
Baskingshark said that the GAS3 is a bud version of the Sony IER M9.

the Alter Rider 3 I say is similar to a CCA CRA/Dunu SA6 tuning (not as much pinna but has treble air).

Saber 3, I say would graph like this in the iem world.

Saber 3 or the GAS3 would be the safer recommendation. Saber 3 if you prefer more bass and a darker treble over the GAS3.

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