I2S card for Pc

I become my Singxer Sda2 in the next day,maybe today.
It is possible to connect via I2p if exist only the Pink faun card for pc or give it another cards who are a bit cheaper?
I have only find the Pink faun.Or the Rasberry shit.
About the Raberry inread not so good things about.
When i find the Singxer good as amp in the future i will try the I2S port.
Apprently is it better as the Usb Port.
But the Usb Port on the Singxer is not bad too with his Galvanic System.

As I2S is meant to have short runs within a device, the existance of PCIe to I2S chips alone surprised me.

The only card I could find is the PinkFaun you mentioned yourself.


Okay thank you Maze.:+1::wink:
I have search a bit and nothing found from another manufactor.

I also look for one a while back and the Pink Faun was the only one I found. I was hopping someone would find another one.

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Yes it looks very not Bad the Pink Faun,but the Price is a bit heavy.
I am not sure the possibilty gain is okay for the Price.

I find it weird they have specific I2s protocols for every I2S dac
also I think Singxer or Matrix has a thing where it hooks to USB and converts it to I2S

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Makes sense to have that, unless you want to expose timing settings to the user.

I2S requires specific timings to achieve data integrity.
So depending on how the DAC at the recieving end is setup, to hit the 140ns window (I2S is 2.5MHz, or clock period of 400-ish ns, with rise and fall times, your timing windows is rather short)
If interested, I2S spec sheet here

I worked with I2S on two projects, and it was a huge pain in the ass both times. Why would anyone use this as an interconnect?

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I only know the general why of it for a few companies
Paul McGowan at PSAudio is insistent on it being better than USB for DSD
Denafrips does it as a means of adding extra interconnects and uses it as connection option for its CD transport.
Pro-Ject uses it as a dedicated interconnect between its CD transport and its dac/preamp for its RS2 line

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Because all the USB front ends do is convert the input to I2S then feed it to the DAC.
So it becomes about the quality of the conversion, usually how good the USB chip is at clocking the output.
The secondary issue I believe is about how much noise the USB decoding chip adds, both ground and RF.

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Cayin and Chord also use the i2S as an interface from a scaler/streamer component to the DAC.

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You could do USB to Audio with a single FPGA or microtrontroller. There is little reason to do it this way (Buffer problems, USB handling, etc).
Going PCIe to I2C is like stopping half way through designing a PCIe soundcard :stuck_out_tongue:

Is a non-issue as I2S (and I2C) are digital. Not even clock-jitter is a problem as USB has tighter timings than I2S.

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I have a chord dac. The interconnects from Mscaler to the their dacs proper are dual BNC 75 ohm cables working in tandem

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Ah, that’s right…guess it’s just Cayin’s interconnect between the IDAP and IDAC mk2. The IDAC mk2 also has the BNC for using a scaler, so I conflated the two.

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Unfortunately, I don’t understand much of the matter you’re talking about.
I read in theory that the conversion takes place only once via the I2S and does not have to go through 3 chips.
What makes sense to me somewhere, short distance is always good.
I can also imagine that there are still differences in terms of quality and devices.
But I still doubt whether all of this is still meaningful on the PC.
If Pink faun currently has the monopoly on Pci cards.
Above all, you spend € 300 for a signal that goes almost one way. :joy:

Do you experience the music again that justifies it?
If so, you probably have to like it too. :blush:

Going off chip count is like judging a car by the highest number on the speedometer.

With the I2S bridge, you have 3 chips (PCIe-interface, repeater (hopefully) and I2S-DAC) aswell, and an out-of-spec length of cable between them.

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Yes, that’s right again. :smiley:
No matter what it’s called, it’s probably partial, loool.
Cable length would be a maximum of 1 meter. My PC is right next to it, from which it would be short.
Well and an interface was always obscure, lead or otherwise. : smiley:

I have a Singxer Sda 2 C as a dac/amp with an I2s connector.
To use it with this I would need an audio interface like Singxer Su 1 Su 2 or Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2.
Also this interface would not be interesting even if it is more expensive than it would cost.


Another alternative would be the Pink faun card which is only for the Pc. 300$ approx.Who have speak about up.
I’m not unhappy with my Dac, just wondering if it makes sense to spend another 400-600$ for something like that or not?

And the other question would be, does it make a big jump in sound? or rather not?
I am technically almost at the end of my tether, because the Singxer has a very solid basic construction, with the galavanically separated Usb characteristic that it brings with it, and a clean construction and selection of components.
Clearly on ASR there are two reports on the subject where “critical” is considered.
I’m more interested in what happens to music in the future, so the question is, :wink:.:+1: