iBasso IT04 IEM

Why don’t we hear much about these? Can they stand with the Fiio FH7?

I think so, I really liked them when I heard them and also really like my it03, it’s just that the tuning on the Fh7 tends to be more universally accepted

If you are looking at those two throw the S8F into the mix :+1:

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Definitely consider Dunu DK-3001 Pro too then.


Those are pretty sweet as well :+1:

And depending on what you listen to then the p1’s are fucking awesome imo…6 weeks after my purchase they still blow me away every time :+1:

Edited if you don’t believe little old me…

I’m scared of the lack of P1 bass. I need the bassss

That is also what turned me off from the p1, as I do enjoy some good subbass


Yep the bass isn’t deep or sub but it’s quick as fuck with no bleed…sort of what I dig for most of my listening…but the mid detail is awesome and I don’t find the treble fatiguing.

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iBasso have launched the AM05 5 Knowles balanced armature units and 4 channel stereo surround sound

Interesting, I wonder if it can compete with others in that price range. Although I do wish it would have been a hybrid

Although I have no idea what they mean by 4 channel surround sound (could be a mistranslation)

Ok looks like a new player has entered the game. Dunu DK-2001 is set to launch soon. $299 3BA + bery DD. Was planning to snatch the 3001 Pro if on sale on 11/11, but I guess better to hold off and see if the 2001 end up being the price/performance sweet spot.


Yes, DUNU latest DK2001 is the same price as iBasso AM05 all at $299
a good alternative for DK3001 Pro

Any idea how it sounds? It supposed to launch on 11/11 in China but I couldn’t find any sound impression.

I think no review now because dk2001 is the latest earphone.

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