I'd like to share the best things I've heard this year (mostly EDM with a few hidden other-genre gems)

This is a remix that just doesn’t sound like a remix but an original. The kicks slap hard. There’s so many different sounds going on, when I first heard it my brain exploded.

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Sam La More Remix Edit) - YouTube

The original is a heartfelt escapade of emotions. I think it’s about sex, I’m not sure. This remix takes that and shoves it into a house genre. The video, though, is epic, maybe even seizure inducing.

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Blazy & Sighter Remix) [Music Video] - YouTube

I’ve been calling this alaska for ease. I listen to this while doing my dishes pretty much every day, it shuts my brain off. I know don’t know what genre it is but it’s casual enough, it’s not in-your-face nor is it laid back. For as much as it’s busy it remains coherent.

Alacasa - YouTube

Top Youtube comment “I still can’t tell whether this makes me depressed or relaxed”. Yeah, that. It’s catchy and bouncy but also caring and introspective.

RÜFÜS DU SOL ●● Innerbloom (Official Video) - YouTube

This is straight from tiktok. It’s basically disco-house? I found it on the electronic gems channel. Now I find myself going “sheebbadubbadubbahhh” randomly throughout the day.

VANTAGE - 50//50 - YouTube

This. This sounds special. The way her voice cascades over the music gets me in the zone. It sounds both calming yet serious. It’s loud, it’s quiet, it’s beautiful.

Avoure - Aura - YouTube

There’s something about Chrysalis that makes me feel like I’m in a little boat paddling through Venice. It’s got a rolling-tempo-sound and it just sounds happy.

Empire Of The Sun - Chrysalis (Official Audio) - YouTube

As a millennial who woke up at 6am to play Sonic this hit me in the gold ring. His whole channel is filled with trap/bass remixes of videogames.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone (Trap Remix) - YouTube

The vibes on this are so jazzy and New-Yorky. It walks a fine line between a modern beat and something old and busted and I love it.

Nas - Get Light (Official Audio) - YouTube

I just like the synth in this. There’s also a background sound of tiny bells ringing that remind me of Christmas, it has a shimmering sound.

27 Summers - YouTube

I bought a Bowie shirt the other day. I listened to this on bus while wearing the shirt. It was a good time. DJ Tom has a lot of these remixes.

David Bowie - Let’s Dance - Remix - YouTube

This’ll put you in touch.

Hall and Oates Out of Touch (remix) - YouTube

This song is from the movie Aspen, it had adverts in other VHS movies and as a young-me it always looked a little too racey to watch. When I found out this year that it was RICK ASTLEY I was like are you kidding me? What a banger!

Rick Astley - You Move Me (Official Audio) - YouTube

There’s something catchy about a piano with no range in an EDM song. It just works. His haircut not so much.

Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz - Miss You [Official Music Video] - YouTube

I listen to this on rainy days. I don’t know what it’s about. For some reason it reminds me of travelling. Where am I? Am I in North America? Am I in Turkey now? Venezuela? I don’t know! But it’s burned into my brain and my playlists. It’s like B-roll music from a movie… of people travelling.

BICEP | GLUE (Official Video) - YouTube

Speaking of rainy days - this is for rainy nights. The Alan Watts sound bites were a nice touch.

Somnium (Original Mix) - YouTube

Holy hell this is 12 years old. Where have I been? Out of touch? Possibly. It’s gentle. It’s a gentle fire. A coal burn.

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream (Official Video) - YouTube

This song is amazing for dance offs. It’s got rolling drums and stuff and it’s really friggin’ happy and the video has the loczniki couple that act like NPCs. It’s Polish or something.

IGO - Better be alive - YouTube

An average and typical synth bop sound? Check. Talking about love? Check. It reminds me of Much Dance '95. Do you remember that? Captain Hollywood?

Navos - Believe Me (Lyrics) - YouTube

Zelda-esque. Fun, calm, something to melt into while doing other things.

Forhill & Krosia - Light Curve - YouTube

Big sad vibes. It’s like a memory trying to stay relevant but it’s fading. It’s so sensual.

LEA RUE - I Can’t Say No (Skeler Remix) - YouTube

You ever get drunk and get that egotistical twinkle in your eye, of pure confidence and focus? This is that stuffed into a boppy EDM groove.

ZHU - Faded (Official Music Video) - YouTube

I like the lights because I’m a fly. Grace Grundy has a sweet voice. Mashed together you get this, a bunch of HMPPP sound trumpets and chikka-chikka’s and smooth synth things.

The Stickmen Project - Not Over Yet (feat. Grace Grundy) [Official Music Video] - YouTube

Probably the EDM hit of the summer. The deep thwompy bass and talking of love reel me right in. Turn it up.

Jack Wins x 220 KID x Caitlyn Scarlett - If This Isn’t Love (Official Music Video) - YouTube

I’m not even sure I like this. When the beat kicks in you’ll know why. It’s got a dirty sound and I’m not even sure what they’re talking about but it too sounds dirty. It’s all dark and sexy and I want to go home.

BEAUZ, Pink Panda & RayRay - Flip It (Official Music Video) - YouTube

This sounds like a love ode from an anime and I love it. I don’t watch anime but I’m |–| this much closer to doing it. I love Tove Lo. And her titties. No, really, I do respect her as a serious musician. I bought her album Queen Of The Clouds.

Tove Lo - I like u (Official Music Video) - YouTube

This wasn’t even something I’ve listened to recently. I just think it’s something that you should hear. Everything else is new to me.

deadmau5 - ASEED - YouTube

The best-mastered, wellest-mixed, weirdest “music”, I’ve ever been hooked on. Another of his songs is just basically birds chirping and yet it’s so coherent, so well mixed that you wouldn’t care.

Timbres - YouTube

My mistake, I’ve been listening to this since like 2002. It’s also something that you should hear.

Jacksoul I know what you want - YouTube

A casual and folky sound from an independent artist who really nailed whatever she was going for.

Maggie Rogers - Alaska - YouTube

A friend sent this to me the other day. It’s from 2004. I don’t even know what genre it belongs to but it’s speaking to my soul.

Stimela (Coal Train) - YouTube

This is without a doubt the greatest rock thing I’ve heard in ages. As a drummer of like 20 years I’ve got chills listening to this. These guys are anonymous beings, nobody knows who they are. Let them serenade your brain with dark drum fills.

Sleep Token - ‘Hypnosis’ An offering from II - YouTube

Deftones is my favourite band. I was stuck on 2000-2010 Deftones. I had only heard Koi No Yokan a few years ago and it quickly became my favourite album. And they’ve done it again, Ohms is now my favourite album. They literally keep getting better. Bands are supposed to do that, right? I’ll listen to Gore in 10 years when I’m done with this.

Deftones - Genesis [Official Music Video] - YouTube

This one messed me up. I’ve been a long time listener of Pink Floyd. Like, 15 years in. I used to fall asleep listening to Shine On You Crazy Diamond. How this song has COMPLETELY ESCAPED ME, I don’t know. You don’t often hear it on the radio. Nobody talks about it. It has as much musicality and whatnot as all my other favourites like Have A Cigar.

Pink Floyd - What Do You Want from Me (Hi-res 24 bits, 192kHz) (link in description) - YouTube

I realize I’m late to the party here but I just got around to this album after it was suggested for being well-mastered, it sure is. There’s something about his voice that’s soooo smoooooth. This song almost can’t distort on my phone, it’s the only FLAC song I can turn up to +6dB, +8dB, +10dB, it just won’t distort.

Adult Education by Hall and Oates REMASTERED - YouTube

I hope you’ve enjoyed this.