iD4 MKII + A50s Is it worth it?

Looking to upgrade my home setup and using Audient iD4 MKII as a audio interface. Later down the line i want to buy Sennheiser HD 560s and can’t decide is it worth to buy separate AMP (something like Topping A50s) for them and use iD4 as DAC or just use AI’s incuded AMP/DAC.

As far as i understand included AMP/DAC is perfectly fine powering 560s but is it any benefitial to use a separate AMP?


So yes the internal amp of the id4 will do the job, you can still get benefits from going with an external amp, as you can get higher quality amps than what’s inside the id4.

Personally I think if you were looking for an upgrade to the internal amp with something that paired well with the 560s, the Asgard 3 is a good pick imo. Personally think the a50s falls behind in comparison for spatial recreation, timbre, dynamics, and low level resolution

560s run of almost anything, only thing in my house that couldn’t drive them properly was a ps4 controller…

So basically what you saying is that there is no point to buy 100-200$ separate AMP because its not a lot better than included one

I’d say it’s most likely not worth to buy something like a magni 3+ or jds atom or any of the other 100 buck amps, but I do think upgrading to something like an asgard 3 or lake people g103s is worthwhile in the future. But you can run the 560s decently well off what you have, so you might as well wait and get the 560s, and then decide if you want to upgrade to a nicer amp or are content with what you have

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