Ideas for a mini ZMF Eikon

Curious what peoples’ takes are on what they consider to be a “mini” Eikon. Any good options in the 300-700 dollar range? Or is the Eikon in its own class as far as timbre and fr qualities?

what does an Eikon sound like doe

From what I can tell it has some pretty accurate timbre, warmer FR with smooth non fatiguing treble. Perhaps a full bodied, meaty presentation. Those are the qualities I noticed, but I haven’t actually listened to one in person, only the Z Reviews sound demo.

teehee fr fr tho tell me what it sounds like n stop trolling

Best I can describe it, and I’m really not trolling. My experience is pretty limited so hopefully someone here can help with it.

bruh u want bass heavy and low treble, get Argons or like M1060C/M1070 even M570 for $200 is a clone of $600+ sendy aiva’s which z loves
ZMF Eikon frequency response

u can’t get a $1400 headphone for under $700 but the M570 is a clone of a $600+ headphone than punches above it’s weight go sample it dont chase a set of headphones u heard thru headphone etc etc just find something ya like cutie

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From my understanding the Eikon’s are fairly mid-forward as well, which is an important quality to me. Not just the bass, which obviously the Argon’s excel at. I’m not looking for bass cannons but something that is fairly neutral-warm with non fatiguing highs and good detail.

And again, I’m not looking for a 1400 dollar headphone, I’m looking for a “mini” version of that, hence the title of this post. Essentially a relative downgrade of that Eikon sound that is within my budget. And I’m not going to wait 9-12 weeks to hear the argons or deal with buying and returning several headphones, potentially losing money in the process, when I can narrow down some choices by utilizing this forum. I shouldn’t be badgered by someone just to get an honest opinion on a headphone on a headphone forum. Other people’s opinions count when it comes to researching headphones, which is what a lot of us came here to do. No reason to be a dick about it. If you don’t want to help then no one’s forcing you to comment here.

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@23is1 I would look for a Nighthawk or Audeze LC2 Pre Fazor, would have to be used though, and they arent close backs. Timbre,mids,treble,and bass quality/quantity is comparable to Eikons. Hawks you can find 200-300 and lcd2 pre-fazors around 700. What headphones and source gear do you currently own?
Also, Campfire Cascades , EMU Teaks could be an option too if you find a good used price


oh but you are, not gunna argue, FR speaks for itself, anyway good luck sir if you find something nice post it for posterity

just read this part, shame your so mad. haha

@tehmasterer You are being a bit much honestly, and not just on this thread, i don’t blame him saying what he said

Basically this, he said he wanted to narrow it down and I gave him a pretty good list, I think he knows he is being extra and just wants some special caring attention

shame really, anyway glad we can remain civil and cool, honestly I wish the best for him

shame really, anyway glad we can remain civil and cool, honestly I wish the best for him

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I thought he meant you

I have the Asgard 3 and the Modius as my set up. I inititally had the DT 880 600ohm but they were too bright in that 8k-ish range. Beautiful detail but I think my ears are just really sensitive in that region perhaps. I’d love to hear any thoughts on pairing with the Asgard 3 too.

I know there are some dark headphones out there which I haven’t liked in the past, which I’ve understood to mean extremely bass heavy and very muted in the treble region, but I could be wrong on that understanding as I’ve heard dark/warm used a lot in the same way. The one that currently is interesting to me is potentially doing an emu teak lawton mod to potentially tame the highs and bring the midrange up, but I’m only just now researching that option.

My only other experience is with a pair of wired Momentum 2s which I would consider narrow, warm and pretty mid-centric. I really like those although I’m looking for a good upgrade path moving forward that’s closed back since there’s usually a lot of sound going around my house and I could use the isolation. Thanks for your reply and I’ll check out your recommendations in more depth here :slight_smile:


What kind of music do you listen to?
To get an idea, it wouldn’t make sense to recommend the Lcd 2 C as an example if it’s a little anaemic in the hip hop area.

Spontaneously, I would suggest the Emu Teak.


Yah the lcd 2c was one of the headphones I was highly considering before hearing more about the Emu Teak. I love the idea of modding headphones so it’s something that is highly on my radar currently, just gotta do some more research to see what the capabilities and limitation are of that set up.

I do listen to just about everything, so an all rounder is higher on my list currently. I don’t like huge amounts of bass since I do listen to a lot of folk, indie rock, classical, etc, but I do listen to a ton of hip-hop, electronica, modernly loud stuff as well. I would say I find myself in the 80s more than other time periods, which has a particular mastering quality that is fairly bass light anyhow, so enjoying those tunes is probably the most important to me. So like post-punk, jangle rock, sophistipop, college rock etc.

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Reading through this thread I think Focal Elegia might be something you should check out. Not quite as strong as Eikon in timbre, but mid-forward, works well with the genres you describe, and falls in your price range if you’re willing to buy used.


I have had the Lcd2 c since December and am actually happy about the purchase.
The only thing where it has weaknesses is in the hip hop area, where it doesn’t quite keep up with the bass, otherwise it is amazingly very good for rock, dance, jazz, charts, funk, soul, blues. I have not heard any indie.

So it’s not even necessarily a bad all-rounder. It has its areas where it harmonises very well and with the right amping it goes through the roof.
And it’s great for a planar.
Currently I have it connected to a Little Dot 1+ with Brimar EF 92 tubes and it works very well with it.

The Teak is certainly more versatile, the Lawton mod would be recommended, then you can do what you want.
Upgrade to the Emu cups like Rosewood or Ebony or something else that Emu has in its programme as well as the Lawton cups.
The driver reacts very well to the wood, but depending on what wood you use, the other pad may not be suitable.

For example, I had the Fostex Tr x00 in mahogany and upgraded to Ebony from Emu, then it didn’t fit anymore. Only with the Yaxi pads and Dekoni rings did it go in the right direction. You might want to visit the Fostex(Emu/Denon) forum.
Fostex Th/Tr series Denon D 2000/5000/7000 and Emu share the driver and partly the construction.
The Fostex Th 900 and Denon D7000 will have the higher Tesla driver, nothing else.


If you can’t get the voltage swings on the headphones, get the Focal Elegia’s. I’m wearing my Eikons right now and while they are by far one of the most natural presentations out of my collection, the highs feel like they’re not quite there on solid state amps.

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