IEM Amp guidance! Or Dac/Amp

I recently got into the IEM game and so far im in love. But my Xonar Essence 3 is a bit too juicy for my iems (a bit too much power/no gain control). So im either looking for a nice amp for them or just sell my dac/amp and buy a new one.

I like the more meaty, heavy sound with some sparkle in the voice (no idea if u guys know what im talking about xD)

My powered monitors are plugged into my dac amp so thats a thing that i would want (speaker outs). Thanks beforehand☺️

Can be portable or non portable. Just want great sounds for my needs but im doing 95% of my listening at home😂

iFi Dac/Amps would fit the bill…Zen Dac, Nano BL or the Micro BL all have a warmish sound, some of them can be run balanced (Nano and Zen) and all 3 have phono line outs so can be used with your speakers…and the best thing about them is they have a silent back ground so are perfect for IEM’s :+1:

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I can recommend the iFi IEMatch, they take away all background noise (in my experience) and add a bunch of impedance, giving back a lot of the gain control you lose with sensitive IEMs. The Earbuddy is ok too, but it’s much more fragile and has no options, whereas the IEMatch can be used balanced and single ended and has two decibel settings.
Really helped me out when I was still using IEMs.

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The Monoprice Cavelli liquid spark fits your entire description and has a completely black background when you use it w/ IEM’s. All the features, SQ you mentioned and very inexpensive.

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Thanks man! Always wanted to try some iFi products so i might actually go with it

I have heard of the IEMatch and it looks promising. So if im not buying new stuff then i probably will get one!

Sadly it doesnt seem i can get the liquid spark here… Heard great things about it!

PM me, I have one not being used with all original packaging I could sell you for a relatively small sum beyond the shipping if it is possible to get it to you and you are interested

I don’t know where you are located, but monoprice EU has it in stock. Mine is waiting for me when I get home, “sadly” that won’t be for a while.