IEM Cable under 100

Any suggestions on a two pin cable under 100? Preferably a copper cable.

Ideally should be available in Linsoul, Penon, german amazon


Forza Audio Works :+1:

Looks nice :stuck_out_tongue: Tnx

They have “CIEM 2 pin recessed” written there. Is it regular two pin? Will use with Mangrid Tea :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d just ping Matt an email and ask about a regular 0.78mm pin and not a recessed one :+1: It is strange they don’t list that as an option :man_shrugging:

I’ve used many cables and at the end I always go back to the Tripowin C8.

Check this thread:

My recommendation is this though:

Probably the best price/value for a copper cable (I bought 5 of them and they are great quality).