IEM Decibal testing

Just out of interest following on from @hawaiibadboy 77db? listening level thought I’d give it a try…hardware and cobbled interface all sorted…the DB meter is a tight fit as is the IEM nozzle aperture…the space between both I guess is 1-3mm (depending on IEM nozzle length) so like an ear canal :man_shrugging:
Gonna be interesting testing my IEM’s back to back using DB only 😵‍💫


Ok with a bit of playing around seems I listen between 80-85 db on a daily…can be less depending on time of day 75-80 db…but after a few ciders and enjoying my jam 85+ so it’s worth checking just for your ears sake :+1:

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I need to order one of those.

Also I find myself jamming stuff at difference decibels through the time of the day. Sometimes I like it relaxed, sometimes I just wanna party

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Yeah me too…it was an real eye/ear opening experience to see exactly what levels I listen at…plus it’s a great way of comparing how various sets depending on their impedance work with different sources 3.5mm/4.4mm balanced etc :+1:

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What signal do you play to measure? Sine sweep? White noise?

Just the tracks I’m listening to from the DX300…I have a fast or slow db test option and an over all max…you can see how tracks playback db’s wise or the max reached :+1:

Quite interesting :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face: lol.

Jamming with Lynyrd Skynyrd = 98 Db before I get my freak on :ear::coffin: too many chainsaws I guess :slightly_frowning_face::man_shrugging:

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Ahahah, crazy maaaan

Old boy and his other noisy stuff :+1:


You look exactly as I pictured you :joy:

Bet that thing has more bass than your Z1R


Having permanent tinnitus now this is something I should do for the sake of saving my ears from further damage. I have taken it much easier the last year since it became permanent, but could still be going too loud :man_shrugging:. I took my phone with a DB app to my headphones a few times, but without the isolation I’m not really getting an accurate idea of how loud i am listening.

Also you look more badass than I pictured :laughing:. Stihl was a sponsor of my program in college. Quality equipment :+1:


Straight up me lol…that’s a Stihl 880 with a 48" bar a beast of a saw…more bass :man_shrugging: but damn it’s a loud and heavy one…Z1R then :+1:

What did you do used them for?

Wow, that is loud! :grimacing:

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Do you monitor the db’s you’re exposing your ears to?

Yes I do. I knew the headphones could easily destroy my hearing. I bought a cheapie decible meter from Amazon.

It turned out pretty well in that my ears just naturally don’t care for much above 75Db’s. I can go mid to high seventies for maybe a half hour and then I have to retreat.

I currently have ten sets of headphobes and four different amps, so I am Constantly mixing and matching different components. Certain headphones just want a lot of power (DT880 or T60 Argon) or want to be played loud (Drop Edition XX’s).

Mix in the fact that older music is quieter than newer mysic and my volume knob gets a workout. :grin:

Every so often, maybe every second or third week, I will be listening intently with my head bobbing. And then I think, “How loud is this?” I pull out the meter and then it’s “Oh crap, I am banging into 75/76/77Db’s!” And then I turn it down.

I am going to be 61 next week and I would really like to keep my hearing good for at least the next decade. :laughing:


How do measure HP’s and how does that relate to IEM readings?..interesting this :+1:

Small piece of cardboard with a hole punched in the middle. I put the cardboard over the pads and then put the meter microphone through the cardboard.
I also put my finger between the meter and the cardboard to keep the reading more realistic since my ears are not touching the drivers when I listen.

Not sure how to do earphone testing as I don’t use them. I wouldn’t last one second at 85Db’s!


All my gear is adjusted to 440Hz at 77dB before doing listening fot a review

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What the heck are you cutting with that monster? Damn! Didn’t know they made them that big!