IEM Desk Display Solution

I’m interested in knowing how people store their IEMs while they’re in active daily use on their desks. So what’s your equivalent of a headphone stand for headphones, but for IEMs. I don’t want to just leave them limply on the desk when I close up for the evening, but I don’t want to just shove them in a drawer either.

Right now, mine are with me almost all the time while I am awake so I’ve never had to store them for any length of time. :rofl:

MiM audio(Dark Magician IEM) gave me a velcro carrying case that is on my nightstand, and if I have to store these I’ll put them there. I have a dual headphone stand(from Drop dotcom) for my big headphones, and that stand has grooves coated in rubber for the cables to be secured with. Those rubber coated grooves can hold my IEM, 1 in each groove, and the cable can be wound around the stand’s arm if I wanted to. I have not used it for that.

Pic of Dark Magician IEM case. It is just a soft box, basically, with a nylon exterior and interior very much like a backpack or camera case. There is a small velcro divider inside that lets you separate the IEM from your tip storage area. Box itself probably retails for like $10-15.

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I have a small hook on the wall where i hang them.
Just like my balls my IEMs prefer to hang free :smiley:
Don´t really like to roll them up unless i take them somewhere and put them in my bag.

I do feel like hanging them somewhere is the right thing. Maybe some sort of a banana hanger thing would work

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That must be rather uncomfortable!

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Thank you for this.

Anyone hanging IEMs on the wall, or in the open, does NOT have cats. My wife’s cat not only likes to play with IEMs, she seems to enjoy the taste of ear wax.

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Who doesn’t?


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I have seen this cat run away with used Q-tips, so either she likes the taste, or just likes pulling the cotton off of them.

I thought people were moving to display/ watch boxes. Its not my idea, I thought I saw Z do this. It works realy nice. You can get them fairly inexpensive on both Ebay and Amazon. They might even have some on special for prime day. Get one with a glass cover. Its a nice display as well as gives your little gems a pillow to wind the cord. They are dust free and you don’t need a locked one unless you have little kids or pets. Some also have a storage drawer you can keep your DAP, DAC/AMP, tips, extra cords ets. You get the idea.

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I hope this works. Im not sure how to upload pics


Nice! Just sell the watches and buy more IEMs

Time is an illusion anyway! :smiley:

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Thanks, that’s a perfect solution!

It may be an illusion for you but my company is not very forgiving. I have about 20 watches. I dont collect. Haven’t bought one in years. I only have six sets of IEM. Not sure if I need or want any more. I have a “portable” setup and an at home IEM station(although its currently going through changes). I have only two sets of over ear “cans”. They two are getting an upgrade. And then there’s the 2.1 system. That system gets changes and upgrades so offten i spend more time working on it than listening to it. That… has to change. Anyway, I always end up getting in over my head. So we’ll see.

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