IEM discussion thread (Part 1)

Miss Universe question.

Which of these vocal/mid centric sets you enjoyed the most and what made you enjoy them best than the others? :grin:


That’s an absolutely fabulous question - before I answer it, I’d like to get over the honeymoon phase with the Teas and the P1 Max… I’m still on the honeymoon with the P1 Max and I just happened to bump into the Teas on the island and now we have a little scrap going on :sweat_smile: I’ll probably do a huge comparison thing once the dust has settled, is that fair?


Hmmm I wonder who that person is :thinking:

Fantastic photo brother - I’d pay you to take some photos for me, no joke. And you hit it right on the mark with how the Teas portray vocals - they’re absolutely stunning. As you said, the resonance makes it feel like they’re coming out directly from within you, kinda like the RSV, but not as forward. This write-up is itching me more and more towards rebuying a Tea :stuck_out_tongue:


Enough already!!



Writing down my thoughts on the 10th
I will actually write a written review fist and shoot video this weekend.

Spoiler OMG , right now on my playlist going through grunge & male vocals to listen to any bass bleed.

The 10th plays everything I throw at it with a balanced excitement I haven’t heard in a while.

Anyone questions if two 6mm drivers can do sub bass is unquestionably YES.

It’s actually really hard to do this review as I am supposed to be criticality listening to the 10th but instead just get lost in the fun playback and forget to take notes and have to go back again and again LOL.

I don’t mind give me more the 10th is like a Audio Vampire keeps sucking you Into the music and pumps you full of endorphins!

Playlist I use for testing:
Listen to the playlist Test Tracks by [email protected] on Qobuz Open Qobuz

That XINHS cable rocks the 10th highly recommended.
C$ 71.17 28%OFF | XINHSEarphones Line Gold Silver Mixed Replacement Upgrade Cable MMCX 2Pin 4 Core Single Crystal Copper HIFI Audio Headphone Wire


Man you just made my night! No joke at all I’m dead serious. I really get a tremendous amount of joy seeing people vibe with sets so much that came from my collection. I know it sounds weird to say but, I do this for a lot of things, I feel there’s some deep connection. Like a memory or energy of some sort that’s past. Most likely we do it to ourselves with our thoughts and emotions either way it’s legit in some sort to me.

It’s the same way with my cast iron that was past down through generations in our family. I think if all the meals, family time, camping trips and memories the food has served up on the patina over the years. Like it’s gathered up in it and absorbed into the meals I cook and more is added to it. Same for my old razors. I have one that saw time in the trenches of WWI, was past to my Grandpa who then taught me uncle how to shave on it. When he passed my Grandma gave it to me. Damnit it just brings a whole other level to shaving we don’t normally think of. My mind just goes into this zen state when I shave and it’s so peaceful. Sorry for the completely of track stories the brews and hookah are running deep tonight while I have the UP jamming warm lush R&B.


I shall wait then :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m super close in making an irresponsible buy :rofl:


It’s definitely hits with the sub bass. My thoughts are it’s a punchier tighter response though compared to larger drivers. Not in a bad or better way for me just different and I enjoy as a change up. Funny enough the 10th Anniversary is the first V-Shape IEM that has actually been enjoyable to my ears. No signs of harshness or fatigue at mid levels and at high volumes I can get about an hour of listening. I guess my only gripe is for me it’s only suited to metal, modern upbeat pop, hip-hop and EDM. Country and reggae make the biggest makeup of my library and for me don’t jive with it. Either way I’ll be holding onto the set for awhile. It really gets me in air guitar mood and moving around dancing.


Wow you just made night sharing that personal thought. THANK YOU , I literally teared up there.
Bro Hug TDM


Interesting thoose two I dont listen too.
Country - I think the female singers are hot , but hate hearing about pick up trucks and how your dog left you gets me upset. (JUST HAVING FUN- NO HATE)

Regge- Does Hollie Cook Count ?


Absolutely she counts! I have a few tracks of hers on a Playlist. That ismooth mellow island style of reggae is right up my alley.


We’re in this together :rofl:

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In a death match between

Seeaudio Yume II - 2nd hand
Yanyin Aladdin - 2nd hand
EPZ K5 - New

What would be everyone’s recommendation ??? - pricing pretty much c.€100 (±€10) mark if your a value buyer.


That may be true, but at least the build quality and looks are up with it too :sunglasses:

I had the Yanyin Alladin and they’re amazing. Excellent mids and decent technicalities. Vocals are to die for - in my subjective opinion of course.


I think we’ll find out who that person is sooner rather than later, or at least I hope :sunglasses:

Oh man, you’re too kind. I’m actually not 100% pleased with the photo, it could of been better, if I’m honest. I just wanted to listen to them more so I didn’t take as much time as I could of. If you ever need photos, I’ll do it for free, Jay. I don’t charge friends for photos - PM me if you’re ever really interested and we’ll figure something out. But the more I listen to the Teas, the more I get that special sauce out of them. I really just love everything about them, besides maybe the bass - if it just had a few dB more, maybe like 3-4 below 300hz, they’d be chefs kiss damn near perfect for my library - but that’s where the Pandas come in :sunglasses: I’m not saying buy another pair of Teas, dude, but maybe you should buy another pair of Teas :sweat_smile:

Mags what an amazing story - thank you so much for sharing that with me. Seriously that is pretty damn amazing. I don’t have much passed down to me unfortunately, outside of some Led Zep cassettes and CDs my father gave to me. He’s only 55 so he still listens to a majority of his CD collection at home. I fully plan on passing a bunch of things down to my son when he’s of age tho - he’s already claimed my Monarchs so those will never be sold :sweat_smile: I feel the same way. It may not be something as utilitarian as a razor or an old watch or something like that, but I feel like if my son grows up to enjoy music and Audio as I do, then he’ll cherish what ever IEM I pass down to him and so on and so forth. I appreciate you, brother. You’re 3-3 as far as I’m concerned. Every set I’ve gotten from your hands has been special to me, so thank you so much :handshake:


Which reminds me - I know we have a lot of reviewers and people who enjoy writing articles of IEMs and headphones in this community and this community as a whole has been very good to me. I don’t have many sets to give away as I just gave 4 or 5 IEMs away recently so I’d like to offer my assistance to anyone on here who’s interested.

Obviously I enjoy taking photos and editing them - if any of you need photos/editing of said photos for their reviews, I’ll be happy to help at no charge.

Just PM me if you’re interested and we can work out the logistics. It’ll be my way of paying it forward, even though it’s a little unorthodox :handshake:


Honestly, I was thinking about Aladdin because it’s a set I’d never heard before and 1+3 hybrids don’t grow on trees. Then I was like let me look at a 1+3 that’s been hot

If I was you I’d pick Yume or EPZ and then get Hexa down the road lol


My actual interest in the Aladdin was to be able to compare and see if it was a baby OG Tea…

People sort of label the Hexa a baby Dusk (personally I find that a stretch but I also completely get it)

But looking at how similar the Hexa and Aladdin are on the graph was a bit of a surprise

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EPZ K5 might be the curiosity winner in any event as it’s somewhat unknown - apart from Akros’s high praise I literally cannot find anything else on it…

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