IEM discussion thread (Part 1)

Here is the thread were you can talk about anything IEM related


We kinda have that already in IEM/Others?..Cables, Soundstage, Tips, Hype, Bass rec’s etc and all?..

Maybe…but if we are in the soundstage thread and then suddenly talk about the bass for example that would mean we are derailing it lol. if its not needed though I can delete this thread.

you need to edit the title and make IEM all uppercase. please…salve my OCD :wink:

hash out your plan for this thread. most people will just post an IEM thread about a model their interested in, but we could possibly turn this into some form of general FAQ if you’re up to editing the OP as new comments / questions are made and answered. :slight_smile:


I guess IEM is the correct way lol.

No idea about what my plans for this is really…just wanted something similar to the chi-fi thread over at head-fi but maybe with more freedom and not just about chinese IEM´s.

Maybe it would be cool to have a preferred IEM set up thread?..I mean what works best for you with a specific IEM…Dac/Amp, cable and tip combo’s etc.
This would lead to discussing Soundstage, Bass, Treble etc without going off topic :man_shrugging:

I’m now listening to Amazon HD > iFi Micro iDSD > FiiO FH7 >Treble filter and Spiral Dots…which after a fuck load of messing over 6 months? is my fav for this set lol.

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my nr 1 setup is:

Local flac files > Ibasso DX160 > LZ A6 (pink filter + Final audio Type E tips)

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Mate start a thread then :+1: where we can discuss such stuff with going off topic :smiley:

Or maybe rename this one?

(just talk about our setups here? A bit reduntant to have too many threads)

I also just got my Ibasso IT00, although I am listening to the Intime Sora 2 right now. I did listen to it for a bit but the Sora 2 is on another level…

Gonna burn it in while I am listening to the Sora 2 (working on the review for it) since its not doing anything anyway lol. (dont expect any changes.)

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Ok cool no worries :+1:

Do you have a second favorit setup then?

I honestly dont know what my nr 2 is…since the A6 is so much higher than all the rest in both sound profile and sq so it hits nearly all my spots.

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For the FH7’s?..If I want a bit less upper mid/treble then the reference filter and Final E’s :+1:

oh, I meant another iem combo

Lol…ok all are off of the Micro because it’s fecking awesome with a totally quite background, no hiss even with Andro’s without IEM match engaged :open_mouth:

Andro’s stock cable (Forza Audio cable ordered) and Spin CP145
iBASSO IT00 stock cable at the mo (will get the Andro cable when I get the Forza) and CP145
Final E4000 stock cable Spiral Dot’s
Tin P1 Yinyoo cable CP145 or occasionally the Bass tips from the FH7’s
Reecho & Peacock Spring 1 Final E’s

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Lol, I am also using the CP145 for the IT00. Sadly the Final E and Sony hybrids didnt fit it…

Have you guys seen this? Fiio Is openly asking people to shill for them…makes you wonder if the FH3 is really just a bad iem…

Aye tips can be a right faff but I love rolling them lol.

Ok gonna throw this in here…On my Andro’s I preferred B not sure you can still access the original files? but I listened to them back to back, over and over and yeah B for me…

I honestly dont really care much if my files are Flac or not, because I can rarely tell it apart from 320kbps mp3 even with my most familiar songs…I just store it in flac because it satisfies the “numberphile” in me lol. Although it needs to be 320kbps mp3 at the very least and not worse kbps rate.