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Where did you find that sale?

Go Lava/EJ07m if you can.


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Lava, if it cost 475. Tea2 is around 350, the 125$ addition feels like a worthy upgrade.


What is the main difference between the Lava and the EJ07m?

The Lava added a bit more mid bass to give percussion more oomph.

Which is a better choice for EDM / synth pop?

Lava has a db more mid bass and less sub, giving it more clarity on the replay and a touch of noteweight.

It’s all about relatives. If you decrease a frequency, others show up. By removing sub and adding mid, you get more of everything, less of sub. If I had to put a giant tunel vision glass to explain it, I would say ej07m is trying to tilt more into U shape while the KL are more balance.

Again, they are both close and very good and marginally the same.

For those only, probably 07m. Pure eletronic is where they shine.


Hear that whooshing, sucking sound? It’s me being pulled into the crazy iem
world. :wink: Love the spatial presentation, vocal detail, bit of bass rumble,…
Olinas. Definitely some bone conduction effects here.


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Bought the Olinas as my first IEMs few months ago. I really like them, but I’m curious about how other sets might sound like. Any recommendations for an Olina’s upgrade? I have a large music genre library but mostly listen to rock and jazz. Timbre is really important for me. Improvement of mids would be awesome.



Would you care to share your budget? To improve on all that, it’s gonna be spendy.

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Have you thought of earbuds?




I’m learning, master.
But yeah, I have earbuds in my ears right now, listening to bossa nova/samba music, and the sax sounds realistic (good note-weight).


300 to 500 USD for the moment. Might spend more in the future, but for my 2nd set I can’t spend more than that. I also plan on buying a DAP (probably Sony NW-A55) since I don’t want to use my phone as my main music player. I get distracted all the time!

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Never thought about it. Are there good earbuds sets for my needs?

Not sure about rock as I don’t listen to as lot of that genre (maybe indie rock), but for jazz/acoustic/instrumental, I really like earbuds. Also, if you wanna just give them a try, there are several cheap options (like 10-50 USD) that are supposed to be very good for the price. You can look at @Rikudou_Goku’s database: RikudouGoku's Database - Google Sheets.
I have one of Riku’s DIY buds, which was 50 euros before shipping, and I use them a lot more than my Olina and S12 at the moment.
Some pros of earbuds over IEMs:

  • Cheaper, so doesn’t break the wallet to try (better price/performance at the moment)
  • Easy to pop in and out of the ear (although comfort may be an issue)
  • Timbre & coherency are very good (single DD)
  • Haven’t had any sibilance issues
  • Stage can feel more open (although if you jump to 300-500++ USD IEMs, I don’t think earbuds can always beat those sets, mainly due to better imaging in IEMs, see below)

Some cons of earbuds over IEMs:

  • May be uncomfortable if used for >2 hrs at a time. E.g., I have no issues using my Yanyin Canon for 3-4 hrs, while I have to take a break from earbuds after 1-2 hrs
  • Very little noise isolation
  • Imaging: Olina, S12, and Canon all have better imaging than my earbud, granted my earbuds were cheaper than all of them…

The LBBS price/performance champion (IMO) goes on sale tomorrow for $42.(Looks like it’ll be $39 with the coupon?)

US $39.36 52%OFF | 2021 Temperament/Ksearphone Bell-LB/Bell-LBs 3.5mm Bass HIFI Metal Earphone 15mm Dynamic Driver Earbud Headset Flat Earplug

Make sure to order the “BellLBs-no mic” option (the s is key).

(It’s a little more on Amazon of you want the faster shipping.)

Thus bud ranks 2nd on Riku’s commercial list behind only the $320 Chaconne.


For rock, I wouldnt rec the LBBS. If they want branded buds, I would get the Qian39, Faaeal Iris 2.0 or the Yincrow X6 for that.

(or go rikubuds, at least 50% of my library is rock lol.)