IEM discussion thread

Tilt them 45 degrees in the direction of ur eyes


Oh, I’m already doing that. Usually lasts around 30 minutes before I need to readjust. Was wondering if there’s different foams or stuff like that.

Technically u can do some weird stuff, but that changes the sound

I’m genuinely impressed. I could never get Acrylic to work for me - I’m more into using ballpoint and pencils for my drawings. Acrylic is so much harder than people think - especially if you’ve never tried before.

These are stunning :saluting_face:


Guy is the true definition of artist man.

He lives and breathes this all that


I got the HieGi earbud foams and they are a bit thicker so provide an easier seal and potentially a bit more comfort. Supposedly they change the sound due to the increase in thickness but I haven’t noticed this as opposed to IEM tips.


Mine will be here Monday! Cannot wait to hear them


Guys it has been a while since I have treated myself with some new set of IEMs as a self-gift. Just wondering how are the Kiwi Ears Cadenza for its given price? Just saw a video of hawaiibadboy talking about them and they are seem pretty good according to him. Just need some output from some of the folks here who at least have owned it, so that I can finally have a new set to use for I think the current ones I own especially the Aria and the Starfield are nowadays not much of a use.

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Apart from other reviewers possibly, I don’t think anyone has received a set yet? If I’m not wrong they’ve only been available to the public since Monday.

Blue and Red for me incoming with the LEC sale 2 for $48 CDN can’t go wrong!

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Cadenza is pretty much the Hexa (also a new set 1DD/3BA) but with more bass and most likely less tech. Honestly given the price difference ($70 Hexa vs $35 Cadenza) I’d just buy the Hexa (I did LOL, and probably will add a filter to boost bass/tame treble).

Someone compared the Hexa to the Variations and it’s 80% there according to him: Truthear Hexa 4 Driver Hybrid IEM - Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - So I’d personally skip the Cadenza and go straight for the Hexa, but then again it might be too new to say :man_shrugging:

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Can anyone recommend an IEM with a short nozzle? I already have the Shuoer S12 and the fit is perfect!

Cadenza still has a place imo.

You get single DD coherency and also (hopefully) beryllium tightness & speed.

Looks pretty fantastic too, imo.


PlusSound enters the game…with a two 10mm DD, six BA, and four electrostatic driver set called Allegro…


Should get mine soon.

Crazy, it’s going for $31.80 USD.

At this rate we should all be getting some free planar IEMs soon!


Looks like it is possibly the same “square planar driver” that was used in Kinera Gumiho.

You can get thicker foams like the HieGi foams and you can also try silicone rings to increase the bud’s diameter so it sits more securely in the ear. Of course, you can also buy silicone fins to hold the fit steady in your ears as well.

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A bit different.

Gonna grab some rubber rings, thanks man :sunglasses: