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I know it’s not a fancy super-neutral budget set, and it’s not a Tangzu or Truthear that has all the hype machines behind it, but the SGOR Venus is a criminally overlooked $20 set.

And that’s too bad, cause it’s pretty freaking good for the price bracket.

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I am currently using Thieaudio Legacy 4 now and want an upgrade from it. What do you guys think would be an upgrade from my Legacy 4 in around 300$-350$ price ?Cause Legacy 4 is 195$ when i bought it, so an upgrade cannot be in the 250$ price range right?

What don’t you like about it? Or asked differently what aspect would you like to improve?


What do you guys think a fair used price for a Dunu SA6 (non-ultra) should be?

Based on previous sales it looks like they are going for $300-400


Basically i really like the sound signature of Legacy 4, just i think i want a little more in the bass, like a bit more “punchier”, just a bit more. An upgrade for me is that it keep the same sound signature but elevate it to a new level i guess(it’s like i love driving motorbike, so i want a faster motorbike, not a car or an helicopter). Is there something like that the 300$ price range?

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In my quest for good DD iems that time forgot I’ve just picked up a new set of Nicehck tiooguy for £100

Got to say a pretty unique sound signature in a good way.

Vocals and guitar are very forward with very nice aggressive attack perfect for heavy metal

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If someone in EU is interested - on my local polish forum one guy (very respected) sells FatFreq Maestro Mini for 360 USD + shipment. I had this one exact set in ears 3 weeks ago and they were in great condition. I can help with contact if needed


So I haven’t personally heard the Legacy 4 but I will say the $300-500 price range imo is dead. Things have gotten so good in the sub $200 that any gains you would get going up in price would require you going to > $500 new.

@hawaiibadboy could give beeter recs to this question since he graphed the Legacy 4 and a ton of other IEMs but from his squig I would think two options that might be close would be the IE600 if you want some treble focus or the EJ07m Kinda Lava for something a bit more relaxed

In the same price range the Hana V2 seems to have a similar signature with a bass kick. it might be more of a side grade though.

FYI: Out of all of these I have only heard the IE600 which I own and love.


If you don’t mind going slightly more v shaped then the OH10 is still a solid “just a bit more” set :+1:


Reading the forums too much these days, so I have gotten the itch again. I have loved my Sony N3BPs for years, but with all of the Sennheiser IE200 hype, I am now looking at the IE600s and wondering if they are the same level of quality (with a $300 brand name tax) or if the Senns are actually going to be an improvement.

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Wanted to follow up here about the lack of nozzle filters. Unfortunately, FatFREQ has gotten back to me with a somewhat lukewarm response.

Quote: Hi there! Sorry we do not provide nozzle filters. We recommend having silicon earbuds with inbuilt mesh guards like the azla sednaearfit max. Hope that helps!

Kind of disappointed with this response considering the latest models of the mini come with a filter installed. Oh well - life goes on. Time to try out @Rikudou_Goku ’s technique - just have to wait for that AE shipping …. March :upside_down_face:


Same level of quality as the N3BPs or the IE200s? If you are talking about the former than @nymz ranks the the IE600s decently higher than the N3s. Whether or not its worth the $300 only you could answer though. For some $300 is a lot of money and for others its chump change. I think the IE200s are too new to compare to the IE600. I will say I have the IE600 and they have beat out every other IEM I have tried and stopped me from looking at IEMs


that is annoying. I wonder if that BA sticks out too far to make any filter work. What @Rikudou_Goku mentioned might be your best bet

Potentially - the BA is literally right at the entrance of the nozzle, I will admit. They must have added something on the more recent examples that allows easy installation of a nozzle filter.

I will say, these are built so strangely …

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I also now only look at sources. Hope my M7 arrives sooner! :wink:

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How does the FatFreq Maestro Mini compare to the Variations? Precog from did a video on this exact topic but looking for hoping for more anecdotes from a trusted community like this one. Early on in my journey, I had a pair of Variations but never got over the fit. It also sounded hollow and analytical after getting the OG Teas. Despite that, the sub-bass impact on the Variations made it a very fun IEM.

After reading that the mids are decent on the Maestro Mini, it really peaked my interest. A bass cannon with mids…seems to be exactly what I am looking for but would appreciate some input from you fine folks.

I’ve also read that there will be a V2 coming later this year…if I were to try a pair, would it be worth holding out until then? Or would a V1 suffice?

I’ve never heard the Variations, only the Maestros so I’ll let someone else chime in that has heard both but in terms of the V2 Minis, from what I’ve heard, it looks like their mission is to boost both the sub bass and treble by about 3dB. I don’t see a reason to do either of these tweaks but to each their own. I think for what they are, the tuning on the maestros accomplishes the bass cannon + very decent mids quite well.

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If you can I would wait for the V2. 1) because then we will get reviews and it might just be a killer and 2) People might jump from the V1 to the V2 and there will be a few V1s for sale at a good deal.


Good Folks! What would be the better passive noise isolation set right now?(beside Etys and clones of these)
Not a big fan of ANC and have sold off all my ANC cans and are looking for some IEMs that could be either used with a UTWS or a Qudelix 5K on the go or in a plane.

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