IEM for Smartphone under 100/200$

Dear all,
I’m new on this forum.

I would like to buy an IEM to listen to music mainly at home relaxed on the couch or on the bed.

I actually have a Jaybird Run true wireless for sport and a Sennheiser Momentum 2 overear model.

My standard use would be:
Use with smartphone
Source: Spotify (320 kb/s)
Genre: mainly musicals and easy listening
Requirements: a well balanced IEM with good quality all over frequencies ranges (I’m not a basshead or treblehead)

I am evaluating IEMs under 200$ but for my source maybe I would not use the full potential of this price range and also something under 100$ could be ok.

  • could it be worthy spending 200$?
  • could you please advise some suggested IEM both under 200$ and 100$?

I read about Moondrop Aria or Tin T3 plus or T4 or the Moondrop Kato or BQEYZ Spring 1 and 2 or Etymotic ER2XR.

Could they be ok? Other suggestions?

I live in Italy could you also suggest me a website on which I could buy them (apart from Amazon that non all models aree present) without the Risk of buying a fake?

Thanks to all will answer my questions.


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Moondrop Aria or Starfield would be ideal. Both very neutral, engaging, easy to drive. Aria is around $80 USD, Starfield $105 USD.

Not sure about shipping to Italy.

Buona fortuna!

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What about Fiio Fh3?


Has some coherency issues, but a fun and competitive IEM in my opinion. Very nice for Metal, Electro and Rock.

what about that new Fiio / Crinn collab of the FH3 that fixes a lot of the issues?


I noticed that many persons are suggesting the Fiio FH3 or FD3 (standard or pro).

A comparison with Moondrop Aria/Starfield or Tin T4?


Anybody can help me please?

Sorry, man. I have only owned the Starfields among the IEMs being discussed here. An excellent pair of IEMs for all kinds of music due to their relaxed nature. Good value for $105.

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I’d probably wait for Tripowin Olina (hbb)