IEM/headphones choice making help

Hi I’m a gamer and i love to listen to music. I have a pair of KZ ZS10 PRO and sennheiser hd 400s, before them i had sennheiser cx 300 ii precision. I know how good quality sound sounds like but I can’t go into high end audio gear.
I need a pair of IEM/headphones that will have great soundstage, image and sound quality. I’m not a bass head, more like crisp kinda guy but I love lows in music. My budget is max 100$ and it will be mostly for gaming cuz i listen to music more often on my edifiers r1700bts.

I was trying to get edifier g4 te after zeos made a review of them but I got them brokey so i sent them back but since they didn’t have any in stock i got a refund. Will these edifier s do or you have better idea?
Thanks for helping, I’m a newbie here and mi inglish bad so pls no bully🙁. thanks.

If you want to game, I recommend earbuds over iems for the budget you have. Much cheaper and higher value.

NICEHCK mx500 is my recommendation.

There is the Koss ksc75 that I would also recommend.

But if you really want an iem. I would recommend the final audio e500.

How do the e500s compare to the a4000s. I really like my a4000s but I haven’t tried many IEMs.

Have anyone heard both the moondrop SSR and cvj cs8. What’s the bass quantity and quality between the both of them?

Is edifier g4 te even comparable to these that u recommended? What about koss porta pro instead of Koss ksc75? I saw phillips shp9500 on Aliexpress for cheap would they be a good idea?

Anything with “gaming” in its title will generally be shit. So yes, it is outclassed by the stuff I recommended.

The koss ksc75 is MUCH better for gaming than the porta pro (and I also take the ksc75 for music over the porta pro).

I havent heard the SHP9500 so cant comment on it.