IEM imaging compared to close back

Hi all.

Simple background, My HyperX cloud stringers (aka, takstar pro80’s) broke, the left side just died because the cable i believe got ran over with my chair.

So I was going through Z.s reviews and noticed the tin t2’s and I was wondering how good are they compared to my former clouds when it comes to imaging for gaming?

Also I was looking at the mh752 but the stocks runs out so fast, my questions is, how would the tin t2’s compared to something in that range? Basically how do the tin’s compared to takstar level of close backs?

I wear headphones all day because I code and play games when i’m off, so 12 hour a day audio is what i’m looking for, that is why I was excited about the mh752 since Z and others say it’s so comfy.

Oh something to note, the tin’s I can get for $ 35 new.

Thanks for any help.

The t2’s have pretty good imaging and a wide soundstage. I would probably say equivalent to the hyperx

Also those cooler masters are super comfy

I saw some in the store and I almost grab them right there to buy, but first wanted to know what others input is.

My reasoning for looking at IEM’s is the fact that my temp cheap IEM’s have made me enjoy the light weight and ease to use. But my fear is that I wouldn’t have the same quality of audio experience with the t2’s as i can with the mh752.

That’s true, also the t2’s might be weighter then some plastic iems. I think the mh751 can sound better, but the imaging performance is similar on both.

Another one to consider might be the final e2000 or 3000.

IEM’s have the potential to be better then headphones, but it also depends on your preference.

How would the KZ ZSN pro compare to the tin t2’s?

I would personally take the t2 over the zsn pro, as I think that the t2 has better build and is more detailed. The ZSN is more v shaped with boosted highs and lows. The T2 is more neutral in that regard

Interesting. I did hear some people say you can EQ the bass but I have read it’s not a good thing to start editing the sounds through EQ.

Well, if you do it in moderation or know what you are doing, eq is perfectly fine. As long as you have it set up where it won’t degrade the quality, there really isn’t any issues. Even with very high tier headphones and speakers, eq and dsp correction is prevalent. The main people who tend to advise against eq are purists, and it’s pretty subjective.

I would definitely go for the cooler master if you can… The most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn with the shp9500 coming up in second. I personally would never wear a pair of IEMs for more than a few hours much less 12 hours (holy shit!) unless you like the feeling of your ears bleeding lol. I would definitely look at a lighter iem than the t2 if you want to go the iem route tho, they are a bit on the heavy side.

Interesting, I didn’t think of there weight and yeah so many people talk about the mh752 being so light.

The mh751 is sadly probably one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve worn. If only they could get comfort like this on higher end headphones

What about imaging ? how are they in that department? I’m also looking into buying them soon and I currently just got the cb-1s how do they compare ? "serious gaming "

I would say they are a bit above the cb1, but imo if you got and like the cb1 there really isn’t a reason to buy the mh751, as it’s not that big of a step up. For serious gaming at that price point, imo the ad700x is going to be a fair bit better for mainly competitive gaming