IEM Recommendation - Please - Approx USD $ 400

I use Truthear Hexa. Hexa does not fatigue me even after multiple hours of listening. The sound feels musical and I prefer it to my other earphones (I have 7Hz Salnotes and Dunu DN-2000). I am using a Hiby R6 Gen 3 as my source. My music is primarily Rock, from classic to metal, alternative to indie, and some Electronica artists like Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers. I want to upgrade from Hexa, I feel Hexa lacks the punch of bass, and a few times I feel the treble can be a bit harsh. It might be my listening preference, but I feel music could be richer, and more engaging if Hexa was a bit more impactful on bass (not going to bass-heads levels not like 7Hz Legato) and a tiny bit lesser on the shrillness of treble.
Somewhere, I felt moving from Hexa to Nova was a natural progression. However, I also realized that the Hexa, performs very well for sub $100 and to get a substantial upgrade, I should push towards midFI territory, around 400$. I might not feel the “jump” If I move to Nova, I might not see a significant upgrade from Hexa.
With that in mind, I checked other options like Mirai Feat, Mirai X, Aful Per 5, and Neo 5. Most are expressed as impactful and punchy in their output. I could not audition them, and thus I am going by graphs and reviews. I don’t want to pick up an IEM based on momentary hype as this IEM I would like to last for a good amount of time.
Approximate Price Ranges for me - Truthear Nova (around 140$) Aful Performer 5 (around 200$) Tansio Mirai Feat ( around 230$) ISN Neo 5 (around 270$) Xenns Mangrid Tea 2 MKII (around 300$) Tansio Mirai X (around 420$)

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Got another rec for you this Shanling ME600 might be ypur speed.

Bass boosted , warm , smooth and clean with Strata stage and extention.


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:smile: Thank you, I also went through the review that you posted for ME600, also would keep SL41 as you had suggested earlier.

Thank you again

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