IEM Recommendations for Competitive FPS Gaming

Im familiar with headphones, but I am not as well versed in IEMS. I am currently looking into good imaging IEMS as they are neccesary for LAN events. Does anyone have any recommendations on this front?

Unfortunately I have no experience with either, but maybe it’ll be helpful to you. The Kingfisher seems pretty interesting.

I’ve noticed that my Tin Audio T2’s are really good for FPS games.

t2. the qkz vk4 was pretty good for its price in respect to imaging

Huh, because playing R6 Siege and CS:Go with my T2s resulted in me dying, A LOT. To the point if I wanted to play those, I had to switch to my SHP9500s. Everything sounded like it was behind me or over my head, not directly in front of me or close to me.

I heard TRN-V90 recommended by someone on on this forum who does FPS games. Can’t verify that, but also a consideration.

I’ve been recently playing Siege with Shuoer Tapes and the soundstage seems pretty accurate. My usual headphones for gaming are the audio technica ATH-AD700 which are pretty dependable, so I think I’m a good judge.

Google shows that most pros use QC20’s.

Hey folks, here’s to potentially reviving/reusing thread.

Have the same general question as the title but in 2021. Have zero IEM gaming experience. I’ll spend Mangird Tea prices but don’t mind saving a ton if it works. Primarily used for gaming and taking back seat to headphone gaming.

It depends on what you want out of your IEM’s. I used my Tin T2’s for Apex and they did an excellent job of imaging. I could tell where every footstep was. Not very good for soundstage if that is what you are looking for, but great for competitive shooters.

The imaging and soundstage on the Mangirds is excellent for an iem, for the price I’m not really sure what will be a better alternative but I’m sure there is one. Also if you decide to use the teas in a noisy environment, for example LAN events, they fit comfortably under regular gaming headphones for much greater sound isolation, but honestly in my experience playing at a high level in CSGO the competitive advantage you gain from imaging and soundstage is minimal and even with a pair of in ears such as the T2 you will see an across the board improvement in sound over most mid tier gaming headphones so if using them second to headphones it’s probably best to get something like a blon 01 / 03 as they will still give you solid performance and enjoyment and cost like $24, but if you want it for music aswell, get the teas you won’t be disappointed.

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so minimal improvement of headphones ? in your experience was it better to get headphone instead

It depends on what your needs are, I prefer IEMs because I can use them to play games and listen to music on a desktop, then when I travel I can take my audio setup wherever. However if you want to game for a long period of time I find headphones to be alot more comfortable depending obviously on how the headphone fits, soundwise IEMs have become so well priced that it’s difficult to recommend them or headphones when it comes to sound quality imo, at least at the sub $200 range, minus some exceptions.

I’m using moondrop aria and so far so good

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