IEM relevant but an amp/dac question

Hugo2 v’s iFi Micro iDSD…a different tier or just a different sound when paired with higher end iem’s?..headphones pairing be meh.

So in terms of technicality wise, the Hugo 2 is a higher tier, but it’s a very different sound than the ifi idsd micro. The idsd is way more meaty, smooth, and warmer tilted, the Hugo 2 is pretty much neutral imo. If you wanted a higher end portable that would maintain that sound but not as extreme as the ifi, check out the woo wa11 topaz as that’s also a warmer smoother sounding portable (not as much as the ifi tho) but with better technicalities than the ifi. I don’t think the woo is as resolving as the Hugo 2, but it’s still a noticable upgrade over the idsd

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Thanks for the reply :+1: …I want to set up a source that will be able to run my future iem purchase’s…I’ll be keeping the Nano and Micro any how but how do you rate the Hugo2 with your A8000’s and would it be a good companion for say the IER Z1R?

Pretty dang revealing, it’s a nice pairing although could use a touch more warmth imo

Don’t have that one on hand, but I did hear a z1r with the Hugo and I liked it better on the Hugo 2 than I do the a8000 imo

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Thank you buddy :smiley: Hugo2 is this years source goal and the A8000 v’s Z1R will bet settled at next years UK Canjam :headphones::muscle::headphones:

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Also intrigued to see what a Hugo2 does to the Andro’s?

The chord stuff tends to pair well with campfire from my experience, but I don’t have too much time with it besides the Solaris and atlas since I wasn’t the biggest fan of the andros

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I reckon that comes down what genres you listen to?..overall they’re good for me for what I paid for them :dollar::handshake: but there seems a slight mid recess/dip (not looked at a graph) that I’ve found when listening to my library…no biggy and still my go to iem for most of my tunes and still love them.

I mean I thought they were good, but nothing special really stood out to me, nothing that would make me want to own them personally, but I can see the appeal

Almost 3 years ago but the Hugo2 still seems to be rated?

And his update 2018…

So maybe due for a Hugo3?

Perhaps, so wait maybe? Everyone thought there was going to be a new chord dac/amp recently and it was just the 2go or whatever for the Hugo 2 lol

Kinda what i’m thinking…maybe the Hugo3? will get the Hugo TT2’s 86x 208MHz cores running in parallel to create an advanced 16FS WTA 1 filter with 98,304-taps? and be able to fully use their M Scaler? …I’m in no rush and it’s near impossible to properly launch a new product with all that’s happening in the world at the mo so we’ll see.

@MON out of interest have you heard the DAVE with iems?

I’ve heard the Dave but not with iems, but lemme tell ya just get a Hugo tt 2 + mscaler instead of the dave imo if you want to go chord. Also personally I don’t think the desktop chord stuff have as good of headphone amps as they should for the price imo, I’m personally more of a fan of the portable chords

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Looks good and super :gem: but that’s as “out of date” as the Hugo2?..come on guys step up your mobile game please :pray: