IEM reshell companies/services

I have a pair of Clairvoyance where the contact to one of the tiny little wires inside the shell of the left IEM started to get lost (so I either have to sit dead still while listening which is annoying or not use them at all)

And yesterday I was thinking about how good it’d be if I could just get them custom fitted, and in this case this solves all my problems getting my Clairvoyance fixed while getting a custom fit.

So does anyone know of legit IEM reshelling companies, preferably Chinese? I’d like to try this out :slight_smile:

I think FatFreq out of Singapore has reshelling services

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I know that Linsoul reshells ThieAudio stuff when servicing or RMAs make shell replacement necessary. I don’t think they do custom stuff though. It might be worth contacting them anyways because even if they don’t do it themselves they might be able to point you in the right direction. I know quite a few US companies that do it, but the only Chinese companies that I’m familiar with service and/or reshell their own IEMs.

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I heard Letshuoer can do this too, might worth checking out with their rep if they still do it? Saw a lot customs they made really great stuff

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Did not know this, thought they’d do this only with Shuoer IEMs.
I contacted FatFreq, they’re really backed up with orders but they gladly accepted.
So idk ~$400 to get your Clairvoyance fixed after you’d already written them off + getting a CIEM version in the process? I might just take that deal