IEM under 170 usd

So I was looking for a IEM and I am quite new to this so I turn to you to decide or for a recommendation
I usually listen to Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal and some rap
I am between the ibasso it01s and the fiio fh3 but some other recommendation would not hurt The only thing that would put me back is excessive wheezing I thank you in advance for your answers.

FH3 for dat bass. Especially with those genres. Only $130 bucks.


I was between the two because I find them at the same price I really appreciate how soon you have responded and I will take your answer into account

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Definitely the FH3.

Not sure how similar the IT00 is to the IT01S though, but it is at 70 usd. (FH3 beats the IT00 pretty hard IMO.)

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These genres specifically will benefit from the incredibly fast beryllium DD in the FH3. Other IEMs will lack clarity and definition in the bass region with fast transients. Think tight fast palm muted guitars with fast double bass passages… They will be tight, fast and clear. The FH3 is difficult for any IEM to beat in bass quality, even much more expensive IEMs. Beryllium!

Thanks for your answer I think that with how detailed you have been in the end I will decide on the FH3

Thanks for answering I think I will decide on the FH3

If you have some source with a bit more power, you might wanna think about kbear believe too