IEM under the price $200

Btw i know i said under 200$ but is moondrop blessing 2 good for the music i listed? just want to hear directly from owners.

I own Audio Technica IM02 for like idk 3 years? and had a KZ something that i heard from but bought for a friend, it did not wow me, also i own Tin T2 just so i can abuse them outside for some reason i cannot listen to IM02 outside.

I want another brand IEM >:D
I listen to,



Kill La Kill OST - MT Hensou-gata Yatsuboshi Gokuseifuku

やなぎなぎ - 天空に舞う鳥よ

Trinity Seven - Main Theme/Last Crest

Made in Abyss 2 - reBirth ft. Takeshi Saito

Those type of like BGM’s

MAN WITH A MISSION - The World’s On Fire

MIYAVI - Butterfly

Survive Said the Prophet - Mukanjyo

SawanoHiroyuki - Scapegoat & A/Z

these intense songs too,

I would really love something with amazing vocal that would legit make me forget i am in an airplane seat and something to make me imagine and dream.

maybe i am high idk lmao.

Edit: i will buy either Moondrop Blessing 2 or LZ A6, and Reecho & Peacock Spring 1 later.

i will say when i pulled the trigger in a new post and exactly to the music i listened. and also frick this hobby.

and thank you so much for all the wonderful people who responded to me, i am so glad i know of zeos and this forum lol

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One of my Fav set’s for vocals especially female are Reecho & Peacock Spring 1’s and for 130 bucks you’ll be lost in music :+1:


Ohh very nice, ill write that down, how do they compare with moondrop kxxs or ikko oh10’s? cause tbh whenever i put anime these two always come up lmao

edit: if you know : P

I’ve not heard either of those but I’m now listening to Survive Said the Prophet - Mukanjyo on the Spring’s and it sounds pretty dope.
I’m sure other members can chip in regarding your other two options :+1:

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thank you for responding though! i have been watching and reading about it and to be honest it is up there for what i will buy!!!

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Cool I’m all for keeping options open as there’s a lot of good sets out there, it’s just down to personal preference :+1:


From experience the OH10 has more shout and vocal energy, but it is not as neutral. Much more sub bass to ear and more sustained treble. The 2 are close in overall quality in my book tho so budget, and comfort may be a consideration. The spring 1 is a complete package imo where the OH10 is heavier and requires a cable swap…again my personal preference. Hope this helps some. For me the OH10 gets the nod, and still remains unbeaten in sub bass, like just WOW!


yeah, from zeos review of OH10, he said that female vocal is amazing! or something like that. OH10 looks thicc too.

I will add that you are really spoilt for quality IEM’s at that price point…no help I know but it’s a fact lol…Just checkout the IEM threads on here :+1:


LZ A6, awesome for hiroyuki tracks (very versatile iem) :+1:

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more than 300$ QwQ
for something that price i might as well have waifus on the IEM lol

Its 220 on aliexpress and it goes down to 200 during sales.

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i never bought from aliexpress actually so that did not come in mind, i will check!

and if you are referring to the Moondrop Blessing 2, I would take the A6 over it for Hiroyuki stuff and for most other genres too.

Check my database:

Info on both is there.

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There is a sale coming on the 21/08.

So I would wait until then, should be around 20-30 usd cheaper then (with coupons included, otherwise probably around 15-20 usd cheaper)

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your reviews are impressive, i saw that moondrop blessing 2 is also amazing for female vocals in your review, but a6 is amazing for hiroyuki and you seem like a big fan! but this question has nothing to do with female vocals, now for both of these which sounds better for MAN WITH A MISSION - Dancing on the moon?

at around like 2:30 in the song there is this fast loud crap on your face, from A6 and Blessing 2 which is more… Makes you want to shake your head like an idiot?

just curious which one handles fast things better

edit: i read your moondrop blessing 2 and you said its very good for rock metal… and its a detail monster… you are the person i said in my post who owns this IEM… i might get this, then buy the reecho & peacock later, if i think it stays with me or not, the peacock will be an amazing gift for my brother when i travel!

A6 too bruh… this was a mistake, the only thing that made me buy the audio technica im02 was because it was audio technica now idk what to say, i will pull trigger between a6 or blessing 2 when i have to.

either way thank you so much!

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LZ A6 is a better set for a more fun and enjoyable session. I really love the bass quantity and the speed is still extremely fast despite having that much bass quantity.

The A6 is my favorite set and there actually not a single song in my library that out right sounds bad with it. Sure there are some specific songs that sounds better with specific iems, but the A6 is my most versatile and favorite iem.

Blessing 2 might be too big for some people too, while the A6 should fit easier, 9 different tuning filters and also cheaper! Hard to not like the A6 really.

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And personally the A6 is closer to my preferrence, while the blessing 2 is only S ranked because of the SQ.

Funny thing is that both of them arent close to my actual preference lol.
My preference is probably a warm L-shaped iem. But love the A6 despite almost having the opposite of that lol.

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Could throw in a cheeky ‘cheap’ curve ball here…iBASSO IT00 :wink::sweat_smile:


on the way already :joy:

Who knows, from what I heard it has the potential to be a S ranked iem for me.