Iem vs true wireless vs headphone

Pls help me to understand the different of these types of headphone in term of “sound” also including imaging and soundstage

Are you asking for assessment on only specifically soundstage and imaging only? Also, which budget are you referring to?

Nah I mean just in term of “sound”
Everything considered as describing headphone sound glossary
bass,mid,treble, sound sig, distortion, imaging and stage

If you are asking purely on capabilities and perception, I’d say it is as predicted. TWL will be at the bottom, then IEM, and then headphones. Headphones will give you a better presentation at tricking you to a more natural soundstage.

In regards to ceiling, I would say TWL at the bottom and IEMs and headphones are tied. It will likely be cheaper to reach a higher tier with IEMs as well.