IEMAEPSG The In Ear Monitor Associated Ear Pain Support Group

Hello gents! Do you suffer from pain associated with IEM’s or on-ear headphones? Well I’m here to tell you that you are not alone! I myself feel as though my ear cartilage hates to be touched and even the slightest pressure on them will cause me pain. Am I doomed to an eternity of never experiencing the wonderful world of IEM’s and on-ears? Or is there some secret sauce I can fill my tiny baby ears with? Also I have tiny baby ears. Hopefully this support group can help those of us doomed HIfi wasteland wanderers overcome our curse for a better HIfi future.

Edit: Looked up the definition of gentiles :grimacing:

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Hole Saws FTW!!!

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Pointing at the sign in the wasteland: Next stop Speakers. :nerd_face:

Besides that. If you can handle something touching the ear conch?
Probably something custom made could be made with small / slim output directly to ear canal.
No typical tips, just a mold with output that sits in conch part of the ear.

Something not custom.
Have been looking a IEM that would have similar tips / ear fitment that the Bose soundsports have.
They just sit in ear conch and nothing goes to actual ear canal like normal IEM tips.
Plus they have/had 3 different sized ones for the perfect fitment.

So far. Nothing yet.

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You mean like the Yincrow RW-100?

Something with suberb sound / audiophile grade.

I have the RW-100 on the way. So I will find out, if its anything like the Yincrow X6, its a steal.