IEMs + dac(optional) in $200 budget + advice on my current situation

Hey, I have unusual problem.

For the past years I’ve been using sennheiser 365/375 (a few pairs), a few days ago my latest one came apart and my friend convinced me to try something else instead of buying the same model.

I bought SIMGOT EW200 on amazon, it’s been a few days and ngl I am disappointed so far.

They are heavy (compared to sennheisers that were plastic and sometimes I even forgot I have them on my ears), the difference in sound quality is not THAT big (there is a noticable one but not enough to justify 4x the price and the discomfort).

I am aware that getting used to wearing them is a big part of the comfort, first day I had to take them off after an hour, right now it’s somehow bearable but still my ears need a break after some time (which is not something im looking for in earphones).

I spend a lot of time in front of pc (12h+ daily), having uncomfortable earphones is out of the question.

I’m not an audiophile and I’m nost listening to music all the time.

Some gaming (CS2), watching youtube videos/anime and I mostly listen to anime’s soundtracks.

If by the end of next week I don’t get used to wearing my EW200 I will be returning them.

So my question is: should I try a different IEMs + dac(optional) in a $200 budget or just get a new pair of my sennheiser mx 375?

//this is a copy paste from my reddit thread as only one person replied to me.
I was recommended trying Simgot em6l without dac as they are lighter than ew200 this might be more comfortable for me (what about sound quality in these?)

Please keep in mind im from Poland, EU so the prices are a bit higher than in the US.

You went from an earbud to an iem, maybe you prefer earbuds. in which case you can take a look at my Rikubuds.


Can you please explain to a newbie how does your buds sound quality compare to iems in similar budget? or the ones like ew200/em6l

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Sorry I prefer to not do any comparisons myself but you can ask.



@greengtg Most of Riku’s buds tend to be tuned to specific preferences and genres, where cheaper ones just aim for a generic target or market. In terms of $$$ to performance, I don’t think anything on the bud market comes close to his offerings although I am more of an IEM/speaker guy than buds and headphones in general. If you’re just looking for a great all-rounder, his Saber 3 is my default rec at the moment.
I’ve no personal experience with the EW200 or EM6L, but in general Rikubuds are going to feel more open and “speaker” like in presentation. Many of them are tuned to allow for actual, practical subbass extension as well, which is usually something lacking from buds. This will depend on the specific model and your background noise during listening, of course.


I am a proud owner of the Lancer 1 and I can confidently say they punch way above their respective price points.

I’ve always tried a number of other Rikubuds but the Lancers just won my heart with the first listen.

Compared to other budget IEMs, strictly SQ and technicalities wise, Riku buds stomp them into the ground convincingly. The only downside to any bud is the lack of isolation but, that’s to be expected.


Truthear NOVA ($150 but goes cheaper on sale), or the Gizaudio Chopin ($200) depending on your ear size. If you CAN fit big things then NOVA, if not, then Chopin. They’re both “endgame” for what you’re looking for - don’t need anything more expensive, and you can always save up for a dac/amp later, I would ignore the cheaper IEMS as you won’t notice a huge difference going to the EM6L.

You can also do Tinhifi P1 MAX ($100) + a dap (dac/amp in one). It’s got a smoother sound and would fit your usage nicely as you said you spend 12hours on the pc, so less fatigue, and the shell is light :+1:

As for earbuds, they don’t fit me personally so I can’t touch too much on it (keeps falling out my ears lol)


If you have a go to winner. Stick with it. Its to your benefit to mix in something different now and then. It will either continue to confirm your choice or mayby surprise you sometime. Live dangerous… but live it up.