IEMs for 50-80$? (T3+?, Mele?, Aria?)

Hi, I used to own the BL-03s before they died. I liked the sound of them, but they could sound a bit muffled for my liking. I also own the Cooler Master MH751 which I absolutely adore, love the sound of them.

I’ve been looking into the Tin T3+ and the Mele especially, currently waiting for the CNY sale on Linsoul.

I mostly listen to new US/European rap and hip-hop (Playboi Carti, Yung Lean, Skepta…), but I also listen to other genres aswell. (Here’s my deezer library if anyone’s interested:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :pray:

Tin T3+ are more 70~80$ than 50. Is it still in your budget range?

Absolutely, I’m not locked by the 50$. But I wouldn’t go over 80$.

PS: edited the topic to reflect the price better…

The Aria has a neutral-warm sound signature that can be very pleasing to listen to. An affordable Allrounder with good technicalities for it‘s price. Hip-Hop sounds nice on them. Easy recommendation from me.

I cannot speak on the Mele since I have to had the chance to try one yet (should get one some time). The T3+ however I heard and did not like at all. Tonality is there but Timbre sounds very off, and the driver used in it is just not really resolving at all. A small disappointment for me. I have heard others like it quite a bit though. I just did not, but you may like them :v:

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Thanks for the info! I’ve also started to look towards the VE Bonus IE as it’s built for rougher usage (throw it in a bag and don’t worry about it) and it’s supposed to have a bigger emphasis on bass, which i guess i would prefer for hip-hop? Just fearing the age of the set & the competition from 2021 in it’s price range (ZEX Pro, CCA CRA…).

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If you liked BL03, Mele is probably what you want.

Slightly above $80 is the GD3A from GS Audio. I believe it’s $86 on AliExpress. It is fantastic for hip-hop.

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I have the T3+ and would buy them again. Nice tuning and solid manufacturing. Only the stock cable is hot garbage…