IEMs for electronica under $300

I’m looking for an easy to drive IEM that is well suited to EDM and electronic music, particularly house and techno, that is under $300.

I love the sound of my over-the-ear V-Moda M-100s which I’ve had for years, but they are just too tiring to wear all day at work, especially now that I’m wearing glasses, so I’m looking to IEMs that will be more comfortable for all day listening. No amp right now, so just running these directly off my computer or my phone (Pixel 2XL).

I’m currently split between the Sony XBA-N3AP vs. Fiio FA7 vs. Fiio FH5. Been reading lots of reviews on the latter two, but it hasn’t really been clear which would be better for electronic (also listen to hip-hop, R&B, and rock). Not a lot of reviews on the Sony N3, but everyone who talks about it seems to love it. I’m looking for something that has some solid, full bass that is also quick and hits hard without muddying the mids. Not really into overly bright, overly detailed, or totally neutral reference sounds from what I’ve tried, but still want good, clean sound throughout that could make the occasional classical music listening sound good.

Thought I’d see if you guys have suggestions on which of these three might work best for those conditions, or if there are any other gems out there worth considering. Also considered the Final E5000, but from reviews, the 3 I listed seemed better. The BGVP DM6 and DM7 have mixed reviews and look harder to drive without an amp, as well as QC issues and sound profiles that didn’t look like they would fit my tastes, so counted those out. I’m considering the Ikko OH10, iBasso IT01s, TFZ No.3, and Moondrop KXXS for my sub-$200 home use set, but wanting to get something nicer for work since I listen there the most.


I’d really need an answer to this as well, especially between the Moondrop KXXS and the iBasso it01s .

The ibasso it03 is great for electronic music, and the kxxs is also pretty good. The it01 imo is a little warmer then I prefer for electronic music

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Sounds awesome on P1’s…as does


Hi bro…i came from future year 2022 :joy: I have both FiiO FH3 and Sony N3. N3 is better than FH3. Especially in its natural timbre and dynamics. N3 also better fot, isolation and comfort for my ears. FH3 has a bit better technicalities. End up selling FH3.

But for EDM and electronic music, I think FH3 will sound better for its fast bass (beryllium DD, not pure though). But N3 has more bass quantity. For all-rounder, N3 better.

Take note, N3 is more expensive. I bought used one.