iems for gaming

see if anyone can give advice. I want to buy an ear for fps play,
it is important to insulate well. I like several models, but not what we should choose a concept for. First of all, the sennheiser IE 300 is very catchy but it is mentioned in several yt videos that it is very bass and therefore not recommended, and redditen simply describes that it is all good for gaming. I looked at the FiiO FH3 model, I didn’t find too much about it. I was talking about AudioTechnica e50 and Thieaudio legacy 4 and MEE Audio MX 3-4 Pro or I didn’t find any info about them. interesting reviews about the aforementioned sennheiser ie300, some say it’s a very good game and others think it’s a lot of bass that can be confusing in an fps game if i shoot with a loud gun, for example. I’m clueless

Honestly iems are the weakest out of the 3 (iem, earbud, headphones) transducer types when it comes to gaming. But if you really need an iem and you want something for competitive gaming, then you need something more bright-neutral.

Tanchjm Oxygen would be my rec if you can go to the 300 usd range.

Otherwise the Dunu Titan S is a great budget pick.

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there is a streamer who plays fps on a 64 audio trio’s and has similar bass to the sennheiser ie300

There is a YT kid named Teknickel that reviews IEM’s and equipment with a biased towards gaming use not from an audiophile use. Might check out his latest videos.

thank you for information

You’re welcome