IEM's for small ear canals?

I’ve got a big head, but small ear canals, so IEM’s have almost always been uncomfortable for me. examples of what I’ve tried are:

  • Senn 60 somethings
  • Bose SoundSport Wireless
  • Zolo Liberty+
  • NuForce BE6i

these would be used on an LG G5 or iPhone 8 Plus and I’m fine with wired. I’m used to wide soundstage and decent imaging, so those are features I’d like to keep. music I listen to is ambient electronica, classical/instrumental and a bit of jazz and bluegrass. as for budget, let’s say it’s flexible, but I do appreciate bang for buck balance. :slight_smile:

There is a joke somewhere in there about small tips…

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anyone here have any experience with Final Audio? the E and F series look interesting…especially pricing for the E series, not so much the F series, LoL!

well, bought the E2000’s. will report back later :slight_smile:

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E2000’s fit! will likely give them to my mom n get the E4000’s.

who here uses the Etymotic ER2’s or ER3’s?