IEM's for small ear canals?

I’ve got a big head, but small ear canals, so IEM’s have almost always been uncomfortable for me. examples of what I’ve tried are:

  • Senn 60 somethings
  • Bose SoundSport Wireless
  • Zolo Liberty+
  • NuForce BE6i

these would be used on an LG G5 or iPhone 8 Plus and I’m fine with wired. I’m used to wide soundstage and decent imaging, so those are features I’d like to keep. music I listen to is ambient electronica, classical/instrumental and a bit of jazz and bluegrass. as for budget, let’s say it’s flexible, but I do appreciate bang for buck balance. :slight_smile:

There is a joke somewhere in there about small tips…

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anyone here have any experience with Final Audio? the E and F series look interesting…especially pricing for the E series, not so much the F series, LoL!

well, bought the E2000’s. will report back later :slight_smile:

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E2000’s fit! will likely give them to my mom n get the E4000’s.

who here uses the Etymotic ER2’s or ER3’s?

So any other than the mentioned ones?

I personally like Bose SoundSports very much for the non-invasive fit. (no longer sold :cry:)
They just have the perfect tips and since they do not go InEar.
More like OEM (on ear monitor) if something.

But are there any other? In the area of 200-250 moneys.
Closest i have found are “surprise surprise” Bose QuietComfort ones.
Dont wan’t anything with “tips” that go in ear.