IEMs for small ears (Guide)

Here I have briefly compiled and rated iems fit for small ears (shallow/small conha or narrow ear hole mainly) This topic will be updated in time.

I’ll be covering tiny or mini-nozzled items in this post series. I am going to use my V30 in this uber post instead of Zishan Z4 because it is powerful enough and most importantly, very stable unlike the Z4. The whole bunch is like 17 iems both bullet and semi-bullet size. These below are the first day compilation for the small eared. Photos follow the order of the write up…The topic will be constantly updated along my Corner

Hzsound Waist Drum

Little brother of HM. Whole family is waking up after amping
Technical 8/10. SQ 8/10 Value 8/10

Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Japanese and discontinued yet still available musical midget. awesome screwed-safe-like box.
T-7 SQ-6 V-7

Moondrop Spaceship

Unproportionally thick cabled strong bassed but among the tiniest with Waist Drum and Quarks. Among the past time sweet hearts.
T-4 SQ-5 V-5

Moondrop Quarks

The ultra budget and ultra tiny of the bunch. Dark and lowend emphasized but surprising amp seeker.
T-5 SQ-5 V-6

Final Audio e500

The cheapest after Quarks and one of the tiniest but much better than adequate, given high power. Between dark and neutral.
T-6 SQ-7 V-7

(Forewords: I switched the source to ipod Nano 6 instead of V30 in this journey because I had found nano 6 sound alike to ibasso Dx50 which had used Wolfson WM8740 dac chip. The only trouble was to load my reference song into it but its solved anyway)

Final Audio e1000

Has characteristics and size like e500 but sub $100 benchmark for many. Between neutral and dark.
T-7 SQ-8 V-8
Tanchjim Tanya

One of the brightest and clearly under Tanchjim Ola. Former champion runner up of sub $30 genre.
T-6 SQ-6 V-7
Sennheiser cx2.0

It’s smoothness and slight boominess are notable. However, looking and sounding like a cheap iem of recent times.
T-4 SQ-5 V-4
Shozzy V30+

An iem in budget case with a +$50 sound. 3d imaging is here, reasonable extensions here and control is there
T-7 SQ-8 V-8
JBL T110

Loud and surprisingly technically proficient for it’s price (dirt cheap) save the boomy bass. I swear there is 3d imaging at it!
T- 6 SQ-6 V-9


  1. Sony mh755

    Wonderful musicality and pretty good technicalities even without the bass boomy at many higher priced bullet shaped iems. Even at this day I can recommend it to even a smooth jazz listener.
    T- 8 SQ-7 V-10 (first of the ultrabudget house in chifi. And the dirt cheap price must be joke)

  2. Superlux Hd381f

    Iem version of the budget studio monitor hd681 is an exemption in bullet type iems even it’s semi bullet type. Musicality, neutrality, balance are great and the sensation of being IN the pub is unforgettable.
    T-8 SQ-9 V-8

  3. Tin Hifi t1

    Baseline of how a bullet type (this is semi bullet type but being in that case doesn’t change the sound quality) and budget iem should be. Booming bass guitar, congested and narrow soundstage, less than decent clarity and partially fine tonality.
    T- 5 SQ-7 V-8

  4. KBear St1

    One of the mediocre sounding among all bullet type iems I tested and documented so far. The V of it’s frequency curve gotta be it’s main selling point for bassheads.
    T- 6 SQ-5 V-7

  5. Cambridge Audio SE1

    English hifi in a bullet type case! Wide scene, neutral with a slight touch of warmth and boomy but fast basses and extensions.
    T-7 SQ-7 V-4 ($85! no man, this price isn’t right)

16. TRN CS3

The famous budget oriented brand’s newest offering is not good at smooth jazz due to bass control but better than decent at electronic music where bass is already on a loose. It’s sub $10 price, volume and impact level with an ipod nano 6 is more than welcome.
T-6 SQ-7 V-8

17. Pioneer CH3

Truly an underdog as of now, well at smooth jazz regarding the size + price. The overall presentation is relaxed and losing impact at electronics.
T-7 SQ-6 V-6

18. 7Hz Eternal

A single DD at $250 without the need of an introduction and one of the most enigmatic iems at all times as the outer circle is huge but inner is just fine for the small ear canals without using S sized tips. Pretty good at smooth jazz but excellent at dubstep IMO. The best iem in this bullet type iem compilation and free of all comparisons between all the 17 iems above due to its price.
T-9 SQ-9 V-7 (it had to be crispier IMO)