IEMs for someone who thinks everything is shouty

I’m pretty sure I have some kind of sensitivity to the 2khz area, as I have to eq every IEM I have down in that area in order for it to sound normal to me. I don’t have this problem with headphones. For reference, I recently got the ER2XR and I have an eq set at 2.5khz, -4.5db, 0.6q, along with a high shelf at 9k, +3db, 1q. Same story with my daily driver galaxy buds pro, roughly 3-4db reduction in that same area. I’m looking for something mildly v shaped, but I’m open to anything. Under 100usd ideally. Willing to go over if it’s worth it.

Try the Etymotic ER2XR or ER2SE. Nothing shouty about them. Flat as can be. I own the ER2XR and love the slight elevated bass…

I mentioned I owned the ER2XR, I can’t listen to it without eq

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Thank you, the 5khz energy does look worrying though

Isn’t this what the open back audeze iems are for?

moondrop aria is great option even dms had made video about it check it out :ok_hand:

Im pretty sure MD Aria will be shouty as OP’s parameters.

Could try the Sony M7:

One thing to consider about the ety’s is if you don’t like less bass you could be listening at a higher volume to make up for the lack in dB in the bass region. As such, an IEM with more bass will sound less “shouty” when listening at the same volume with respect to the bass. So, in this instance, the previous comparison actually looks more like the following:

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I’m curious, what’s your source?

The Final E3000 or E4000, Meze 12 Classics V2 & iBasso IT00 might be what you are looking for (if you still are).

What about Sennheiser ie300? Sorry out of budget.
Final A3000 is on sale on Drop atm.
Intime Sora Light 2019.

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I returned the Ie300 because I did not like the tuning.

It certainly was that peak between 6k and 10k, that was making “cymbals” (or whatever name they have in english) on electronic music too prominent. They were certainly not shouty, and I had no problem with the bass, but the overall balance was wacky in my opinion. I would have preferred a darker and warmer signature.

It was that and the weird shape, I probably have big ears because I have zero problems with the Clairvoyances, and they are considered on the bigger size…

OP talks about EQing down 2.5k.

KZ ZEX Pro could be an option as well