IEMs from 500-1000€ max

Hello there,
I want a new pair of IEMs thats a bit more detailed and resolving than my Kanas Pros and BGVP DM6 but don‘t want to spend 1200€ for andromedas or anything else in that price bracket. I‘ve heard that fiio‘s FH7 are extremely well balanced and have a very premium sound that some people even prefer over the Andro‘s sound. So are FH7 a save buy or are there any other IEMs in the 500-1000€ range that come close to the highly regarded sound of the Andromedas or even are better?
Thanks in advance for your advise.

Fearless Audio S8F

I also looked into the S8f but they are not available in the EU and I don‘t want to pay like 120€ of customs. Do,you know similarly good iems which are already available in Europe?

Used andromedas should be in your budget

Shure SE846, Westone UM Pro 30 or 50 or W40, and Sennheiser IE800 are good if available and in price.

Things I’ve wanted to try if I could get my hands on for the price range are the QDC 4SS, Westone W60, and beyerdynamic Xelento.

you can definitely get second hand Campfire Audio Andromedas at this price