Iems & Headphones

Are the iems beating closed over-ear headphones in terms of sound quality?
Specifically the chi-fi.

I notice that they are better but it is not a minimum difference, honestly I notice clearly superior the affordable iems (sub 100€) against closed over ear headphones of the same price or higher. I even find them better than open over ear headphones.

How do I appreciate this difference?
-In tonality, more complete and that although it depends on the iem there is no suppression/masking of frequencies, they are all present.

-Detail, again I repeat it depends on the iem, but it’s like watching a 4k TV versus a 720p. It is noticeable.

-Image, I notice a more accurate image. You notice where the instruments are coming from, where they are with more precision (even than open over ear).

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I think when I want a closed experience today I reach for an IEM. I think you nailed it on the better detail level, and that might be even more true when you measure on amount of detail per units of money.

I also think since we tend to operate in work and school environments with headphones on for longer periods of time than ever, the comfort matters more. It is tough to beat an IEM on comfort, and they are way cooler than headphones over the course of a day.

I don’t know if IEMs can compete on the positional audio with open back headphones, but they do with all but the very high end closed back headphones, and the improvements in the just the last few years have been amazing. I am curious to see what $100 gets you in 3 years vs now.