IEMs shaped like KZ ZSN Pro but higher-end?

Normally I hate IEM comfort but I just got the KZ ZSN Pro and the big triangular part that sits in my outer ear is both super comfortable and helps with noise isolation.

I’m super impressed with the ZSN Pro sound for the price, but would like something that could get within spitting distance of my Gold Planar GL2000 and Focal Elear. The ZSN Pro is a bit bass-heavy and gets a little garbled with rock guitar distortion, otherwise very nice.

Use is on my fairly noisy stationary race bike, with an old Jotunheim v1. Don’t need a mic. Best if they have a sealed body like the ZSN Pro so they will last OK with sweat. Budget say $250-ish?

Did you try foam tips on the ZSN? The stock tips are horrible.
The the closest in fit that are better quality would probably be the Fiio FH lineup.

The KZ ZS10 Pro :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally like it better than the ZSN haha