Iem's shocking my ear

When using my dragonfly red through my PC’s motherboard usb port I get shocked by my iem’s constantly. But when I use my dragonfly red on my laptop the shocking doesn’t occur. I already unplugged my hdaudio cable from my motherboard so the background noise is gone but there’s still shocking going on. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it?

Never heared of that happening.

When you lightly put one fingertip on your pc-case (preferably blank steel), do you get a tingle?

I used to get this from Apple EarPods plugged directly into my laptop. Once so badly I thought I hurt myself lol. Not sure what caused it but stopped doing that. It was a work PC so I switched to a proper USB headset for Skype. I didn’t troubleshoot the issue.

Nope the case itself doesn’t shock my hands or anything.

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