IEMs that sound like the Ikko OH10 but have mmcx

Hey party people
I would love your inputs on this:

Recently I had a chance to listen to the Ikko OH10 and was blown away by them. The only reason I didn’t immediately get a pair is that they use 2 pin connectors and I’ve had nothing but heartbreaks with those. At some point the connection on the IEM side (not the cable, the cable is fine) is too loose and it will simply fall off.

This has already happened with my KZ ZX10 - indeed managed to lose the right one since it fell off somewhere - as well as my Truthear x Crinacle Zero, so I’ve developed an aversion and would prefer mmcx. Do you have suggestions for IEMs that have a similar tuning but use mmcx connectors instead of 2pin?

Much appreciated

Shanling ME600 is your IEM then
Just a step up in resolution and details.
Bass is simular but the highs have less bite and are less fatiguing. IMO

I have both and will never sell the OH10


You can also consider Beyerdynamic Xelento 2nd gen.

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Most of the Fiio IEMs are in $100-$200 range has a subbass boost and all of them have mmcx connectors.