Iems under 600$

Hello guys.
I am wanting to get a new pair of iems for Christmas because my old nuforce hem6 died recently. I am thinking about getting the fiio fh7. I was wondering if you have any other recommendations for iems under the 600$ mark.

The Fearless Audio S8 Pro is a stand out option, the iBasso IT04 are also pretty nice imo

Sorry but both are a little bit overbudget​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.
Im from Portugal and i only found them on american stores so i would have to pay dutty fees that are arround 20% of the price of the iems.

Ah, my bad then, sorry about that. The FH7 is pretty great imo, and if you can get them there for a reasonable price, I don’t think you will be disappointed

Correction. I found the ibasso. How do they compare to the fiio fh7?

So the it04 is going to be the slightly more v shaped iem, and is going to have a bit better subbass and a more 3d like sound, while the fh7 may be more relaxed and a bit wider too. I think it depends on what you like for music. I also think the it04 was more comfortable for me, but the fh7 feels sturdier in the hand to me. Also with the fh7 there are the tuning options that can help you dial in the sound to your liking

Ok. Thanks i think that i will buy the fiio FH7 because i think that i will prefer a more relaxed sound since they will be my daily driver.

Look into the obravo cupids or the meze rai solo, I own both but haven’t heard the fh7 so can’t really give a comparison. I have heard from quite a lot of people that they prefer the cupids over the fh7, as I was originally gonna purchase the fiios but ended up choosing the cupids instead.

I actually didn’t like the Cupid’s TBH. I thought they were interesting, but not personally for me and I don’t think they are to the same level of the fh7. I think they might compete with the fh5 but not the 7 imo

Guys I was looking on the website I usually buy my audio products and they have the Fiio fh7, the campfire Polaris II, the Westone w40, the noble audio savant II,the Cowon plenue x30 and the Audiolab m ear 2d.wich one do you think the better one to get?

So I think that if you want a more even across the board signature, the fh7 would be my pick. If you wanted a bit more fun signature, the Polaris II or the Savant II would be my pick

what do you mean by a bit more fun signature?

So they are v shaped sound signatures with pretty prominent bass and treble. The Polaris II has a fair amount more bass and will hit pretty hard, with a recessed mid-range and prominent upper treble. The Savant II will have a similar sound but instead of the large bass quantity, it really focuses on bass speed, detail, and quality. The FH7 in comparison is very well rounded but doesn’t shine in one particular area

Recommend Moondrop S8 or DUNU DK-3001 Pro

Ok. Thanks i will think about that during the weekend. I am really divided between the fh7 and the polaris now. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

The FH7 also comes with tuning nozzles if you are interested in that. I think both are great, but I personally feel like the fh7 is more for the money than the Polaris II

I wasn’t a huge fan of the S8, but the 3001 pro seems pretty nice. The 4001 is pretty nice too imo

I know that this is a little off topic,:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:,but on the website where im going to buy the fiio fh7 they have a pack for chrismas with the fh7 and a q5s for 200 euros more than the fh7 alone. Do you think i should pull the trigger on that??

What do you have right now dac and amp wise?

at home i have a xduoo xd 05 and i use a fiio btr3 with my phone on the subway.