IEMs with good noise isolation

I’ve got a big head but small ear canals so I’ve avoided IEMs most of my life. I know the Etymotic are good for this but have an unusual wear style / orientation, so looking to see what else is out there for consideration.

I don’t think deep placement will bother me as I found the Final Audio to fit confortably but sat a bit too shallow and were falling out too easily. don’t tell anyone, but I’m old school and still gasp use q-tips in my ears!

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If you’re searching for monitor style, these are supposedly on the smaller side.

Here’s a review for reference…

Why are you not interested in the Etymotic? You can’t really find much that isolates better than those. Just curious why you want to avoid them.

In my experience noise isolation is more about the eartips than the iems themselves. Certainly if the Iem stem is too short it will make the sealing more difficult, other than that eartip rolling is what gets you the isolation. Now here comes the trouble, everybody has a unique ear and earcanal shape and what works for me might not work for you. Trying many different tips is a bit of a hassle, fit, comfort, seal without distorting the sound is not easy IMO.

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^^^ Pretty much this or get some custom fit iem’s, not cheap but could be end game on both isolation and sound :+1:

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Kbear F1 is small but long, is a sealed single-BA and will take just about any tip! Isolates VERY well as long as your seal is good.

I have had issues for a while getting comfortable IEMs. Recently picked up the Guideray GRi-58 and it’s been great. I had to roll the tips around on it with some that I already had, but it might be worth a look for the comfort. Sound is good if you like a slightly warm signature

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I was going to suggest those but those are lower budget than what they are looking for I think.

I have nothing against the Ety’s…I’m just curious to know what else is out there. :slight_smile:

Ah okay.
Well, honestly I would recommend those still anyways. I’m no expert in IEMs though.

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Audiosense DT200 KING of isolation, along with T800 ( T800 is bigger sized so its all about your ear size)

Any clear winners in sub-$100 and sub-$50 price brackets in terms of isolation?

You would want BA iems then, as 99% of them have unvented shells which helps with isolation a lot.

For the sub 50 usd, you can take a look at the Audiosense T180 Pro for example.

sub 100 usd, is so close to the Audiosense DT100 that I will recommend that one.

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