Iems with removable cable that hang down recommendation

hello so I was looking for some IEMs that hang down the ear rather than go over the ear, specifically with removable cable. with masks I find it hard to used some iems since they get tangled on my ear. I was wondering if people have any experience with iems like shuoer singer or the sony sba n3bp. Or even other recommendations of that form factors

Tin P1 work down but need a bit of power to get them to sound their best.

intime sora 2,

I am looking for those that have removable cable since in my personal experience something always goes wrong and want to be able to replace cable as the plug always dies on me and all. I dont care about two pin or mmcx since have have extra cables of both

I feel comfort wise the p1 work best over ear but to be fair I havent tried it with a cable with no mold. I have considered the original tin t2 again since I used to wear them that way before I unfortunately dropped one in paint.( thats not an issue anymore since I dont work in construction anymore)

I decided to sign up, I have been lurking but would like to know about cable down IEMs too. If i annoy you guys LMK, because I would like to ask if certian IEMs can be worn down, otherwise I will not buy, and there are many to models to go through continually so I will become a pest, and I will become known for continually asking if models can be worn down. Even a list would be good because I think it’s an important topic. I will not use over ear because of hats/glasses/long hair. I will not change my mind. My experience wearing down-
-T3 works
-T4 works
-Final Audio E series works
-Blon 03 works with final audio tips and Left and Right reversed works
-Ibasso it01 does not work

I would like to know if Shuoer Tape works. Great forum guys. : )

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