If exist a Akm Dac only?

Hi there,
is there possibly a Dac that has an Akm chip and is approximately priced and constructed like the Cambridge Audio dac magic 100?
Only Akm no Essabre or Burr brown.

What features are you looking for.
There are a number of pure 449x DACs around.

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Oh i forgot.
Usb,Optical rca must have the rest is nice to have :grin:

Off the top of my head

Liquid Spark DAC (4493) (delayed end of May)
Grace Designs SDAC (4452) (USB only)
Schiit Modi 3 (4490)
SMSL M300 (4497)
Geschelli Enog2 Pro (4497) (No USB)


Thanks you :v:

  • Topping D70 AK4497
  • Topping D90 AK4499
  • SMSL M500 AK4497

Those are higher up in price though.

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Only dac without Amp😉.
Smsl looks not bad i mean.

Jds labs ol dac and el dac are both akm dacs with USB and optical.