❗ If you are a new user having trouble logging in or can't access your account

We are having some issues on the forum regarding validation emails for new accounts and confirmation emails not going out. We are working to fix the issues, apologies for the inconveniences and potential trouble that it may have caused, we are working on getting things back to normal and for now we will keep an eye out and approve new accounts each day to make sure people don’t get locked out. It may take a day or two for new accounts to become active. If you have any issues getting into your account please contact the mod team. - M0N


how can someone reach you on discord?

It’s on my profile, won’t put it in text here in case it has to be updated, the current tag should be pretty easy to find if you go on my profile

Bumping again because I can, just approved a decent amount of new accounts, sorry was busy the past few days so they should all work now, will continue to check until this gets resolved

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The issue should now be resolved, everything should be working as normal now

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