If you could build a kit

If you could build a kit from headphones at Best buy what would you build. I would like to purchase lost from there because I have a bunch of rewards to use. Not opposed to wired but I would like to use them in and out of the house. I listen to a little of everything but mostly classical and folk with some classic rock. What are your recommendations? Would like to spend under $500

Like from a physical store or online? Best buy online has a much larger selection, but I don’t know if you could use your points or whatever on there

Also by kit do you mean headphones, amp/dac, and source or just headphones. Or headphones and a pair of iems

I can use my points online as well. So whatcha got? Hoping the whole kit


You might be able to get a Walkman player as a dac/amp


Or get an audio quest dragonfly red


And for the headphones you could get a Sony 1AM2 for a closed back


If you wanted an open back, I do think that they have the Sennheiser hd660s and audio Technica r70x, but they can’t really be used outside and might go over budget unless you get something like the dragonfly black which is 100 less then the red

Would you suggest the black with the Sennheiser momentum? With the dragonfly black? Will there be that big of a difference from the red and black?

TBH the momentum is not that great for the price imo, and the sony is the better headphone imo. I think the dragonfly black, while a downgrade, isn’t that big of a deal, so you should be fine with one