If you had to keep just one set

Which one and why?..A hard decision I know but what would it be?

I’d have to take my Z1R’s which seem to cover most of my personal sonic requirements when it comes to my library, but I’d really miss my Andro’s and P1’s when my mood changed…tough call but yeah I’d stand by the Sony’s :+1:


LZ A7, cant beat having 18 different sound configs. :joy:


A morning coffee then…config my set lol…

A7 = versatility god

It can sound like the sony xba n3/z5 tuning, completely neutral, or bright-neutral or u-shaped. Pick your poison. :joy:

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I learnt I didn’t really like multi filter/switch options as they either confuse or bore me, get a set you like and sort it with tips…job done lol.

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yeah, that would be my opinion as well if I didnt have the A6/A7. They change the sound drastically between filters and yet it is still the same iem in its core.

Those switches like in the Thieaudio Voyager 3 really dont change much, just a bit here and there.

at this point, my NHC.

buuut, they are over ear, not IEM. I have no experience with quality IEMs, and have no IEM’s.

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Yep like the FH7’s tried and tried, I liked them at first then after a time I realised I never reach for them…not a bad set but ultimately not my bag :man_shrugging:

with those kind of switches, if you dont like the iem at all. It most likely wont change your opinion of it no matter what switch settings you are using. I see switches more as a way to fine tune it more to your liking. While the filter system LZ uses is more to change the sound completely.

If I was on a desert island with solar power and a few of my preferred tips then honestly the R&P spring P1’s would keep me happy too.

If it had to be one, I’d find a pair that works well with everything, but needs to have a pressure relief system. There are a few models here and there, but I think 64 Audio and FiR popularly uses them.

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MEST. Easy ass decision. The detail isnt absalute top tier, but the way the staging and presentation are done already make me use them more than all my other IEMs and cans combined. Hell, I may actualy just sell everything else anyways

Those seem so interesting!
And I had to chuckle when I saw the downside of “too much text on the shell”.
That text & style is something all the cool kids in Berlin would love.
I like the aesthetic alot!

If I had to keep one set?
Probably the Fiio FH3 that I will receive tomorrow, since my only other pair is
a CCA C10 that’s a bit too sibilant for my taste lol…

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lol, we all got different tastes I guess.

The A7 should be endgame for most people I believe, even more so with its versatility.

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Tis funny the Z1R’s remind me when it was all music and I didn’t ‘stress’ about audiophile stuff…don’t get me wrong I had some ok speaker systems… I’d just put on an album and kick back and enjoyed everything.


I’ve had the pleasure of being able to try some TOTL impressive gear. Some of them have so much technicality that it demands your attention.
At that point though, one may end up listening to gear rather than listening to music.
It’s nice to have a balance between the two and reflect why we’re getting this gear to begin with.


My Tin T2. Had them, they broke, bought the Starfield and then decided to buy the T2 again because I liked it better. Someday I’ll fork over the money to get the A6 or A7, someday when I’m rich.

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A7 for me too…
Does it all.


Only one?



There are at least two with me, both of which are kind of addicting because of their fun factor.


I also vote for 2… My Andro 2020 and my LCD2pf… Just right for anything I want to throw at them !