If you're a noob...you're lucky!

yes, there is the downside that you may not have experienced good audio yet…but, because you’re about to get good headphones, you will, and you will be AMAZED. why are you lucky? because there are suckers like us that have looked down the rabbit hole and know there is better and that it’s not something we would or could ever afford. we may have a level of satisfaction with what we have…but because we ‘know’, we are left ‘wanting’. you still don’t ‘know’, because you have just started your journey, but you are going to be so happy with what you have. the difference from what you had or were using before will pale in comparison.

I had posted a month or two back that I had found nirvana (not end game). when I am listening to my modest gear, my head starts to say and bob and my feet / legs jig to the music. I am absorbed and thoroughly enjoying the experience at that very moment / place in time. you will have that for all time if you stop where you are now. you may wonder or worry that you’re missing out…but you’re not really. when I am in that moment, I forget about better. I am not worried or upset that I do not have ‘end game’. I am in bliss!

there is a saying that ignorance is bliss. it’s partially true, but when you’re caught in your moment, it is always bliss!

so enjoy what you have. be absorbed. let yourself be saturated with your nirvana!

/end wisdom / experience / guidance beyond my years :wink: